A Day in the Life of a Distiller

Dream jobs are rarely as dreamy as they appear. The sobering reality is that most of them come saddled with a series of menial, often tedious tasks that are rarely relayed on an Instagram feed. You know, like actual work. Actors are up at 4 A.M. for grueling shoot days. Anthony Bourdain spends much of his life huddled with producers in non-air conditioned airport terminals, belaboring how to make small snippets of dialogue seem weighty. Frankly, dream jobs can be exhausting.

Scotland Doesn’t Want American Whiskey Imports Replacing Scotch

Warning your friends about the dangers of drinking cheap whiskey is sensible for many reasons – imminent tomfoolery and a future hangover being two of the possible repercussions – but as the United Kingdom prepares to Brexit the European Union, Scotland is concerned for another reason: If the U.K.

The Best Cheap Spots for Good Whiskey in Chicago

Sometimes you want a limited-release bourbon or an 18-year Scotch; sometimes, you just want a shot alongside your PBR. Is there anything better than a great whiskey bar?

Would You Watch An Aaron Paul-Produced Drama About Whiskey Legend Jack Daniel?

Hollywood is always looking to turn things into entertainment. Comic books, action figures, board games, annoying Troll Dolls… It seems everything under the sun can be made into a movie or TV show. But would you be willing to watch a drama series conjured from a bottle of whiskey? I don’t mean the writers were drinking when they came up with the idea. I mean a show literally based around the life of Jack Daniel, founder of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

Boxed Fireball Is the Stuff Hangovers Are Made Of

Step aside, Franzia. Boxed Fireball Whisky – aka Firebox (clever!) – is now a thing. And it's here just in time to get you liquored up for the holidays.

We're not entirely sure who can or wants to stomach more than a shot of the spicy sweet stuff, but Sunday morning's hangover-in-bottle-form can be yours for $42.99 at select retailers.


The Best Part of the Holiday Season is Here: The New Whiskey Advent Calendar

Give yourself a gift all month.

Move Over, Scotch: 3 Killer Cocktails With Japanese Whisky Nikka Coffey Malt

When it comes to top-of-the-line whisky, Scotland has long been the dominant player. But increasingly, aficionados are making room on their top shelf for Japanese whisky as well. For one, it’s a direct descendant of Scotch. Masataka Taketsuru, the father of the Japanese whisky industry, apprenticed at several Scotch distilleries in the 1920s before moving back to Japan, helping to establish the distillery at what would become Suntory, and then founding his own — Nikka.

This Will Be The First Alcohol Brand To Publish Its Nutrition Information Right On The Bottle

Quick: How many calories are in a serving of Johnnie Walker whiskey? If you answered, “OMFG, I don’t even want to know,” your nights of hard drinking are set for an awakening ruder than the one you get when your morning alarm goes off. International spirits giant Diageo recently announced it has chosen Johnnie Walker as the first of its brands to list nutritional information on its bottles around the globe.

Jack Daniel Learned How to Make Whiskey From a Slave

And the company is finally admitting it.

Pick Up These Limited Editions Before It Is Too Late

Every few months, a new special release whiskey hits the shelves from big name brands with prices that often range into the hundreds and an elusiveness that gets people foaming at the mouth. Mostly, these releases are limited edition because they actually come from a set number of barrels as opposed to blending liquid from throughout the warehouse. So when the whiskey is gone, it’s gone for good. Here’s a list of some of the best new limited-edition whiskey out there, what you can expect to pay, and where you can find it… if you can actually find it.