Jameson Uses Seaweed to Flavor Its Latest Bottle of Bitters

If you’ve ever been sipping on a cocktail and found yourself wishing it had a bit of an oceanic bite, Jameson has released a new product that can relieve that issue in just a couple dashes: Jameson Wild Seaweed Bitters.

Photos: Inside the Largest Distillery West of the Mississippi

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. claims to be the very first craft bourbon and whiskey distillery in North Texas.

How This Former Ballerina Launched a Whisky Brand, and Found Herself in the Process

These days, it feels like everyone and anyone is opening up a distillery of some kind, but this particular opening caught our attention. Meet Allison Parc, once a member of the Joffrey Ballet in New York, who traded her ballet shoes for whisky flasks.

What’s the Deal with Japanese Rice Whiskey?

Odds are, you’ve heard whispers about Japanese rice whiskey in the past year or two—maybe you’ve even tried it yourself. (FYI, whiskey is alternatively spelled “whisky” in countries like Scotland and Japan.) Ann Soh Woods was one of the first people to introduce the spirit to the United States, a little over two years ago. You’ve probably heard of her brand, Kikori Whiskey. Although there have been other rice whiskies, this was the first 100% rice Japanese whiskey in the United States.

105-Year-Old Says Whiskey Is the Secret to His Longevity

The best thing about centenarians – beyond the whole staying alive thing, of course – is when some local reporter inevitably tosses them the loaded question of “What’s the secret to your longevity?” It’s loaded because when you’ve been alive for at least 100 years, you’ve almost certainly learned that you ain’t making any headlines by saying “porridge.” Instead, we’ve seen amazing answers like eggs and brandy,

‘Final Fantasy’ Gets a 30-Year-Old Whiskey For Its 30th Anniversary

The Final Fantasy franchise doesn’t look like its losing steam anytime soon, so what better way to celebrate its continued success (and our continued obsession) than through some game-inspired whiskey?

Bulleit Whiskey Offering $1,000 Neon Art Bottles in Time for the Holidays

When you think of alcohol-endorsing neon signs, you’re probably more likely to conjure up an image of one promoting a big-name beer than a respected brand of bourbon.

Jim Beam Is Selling a Voice-Activated Shot Pouring Machine

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced a new Alexa Skill for its Echo smart speaker that let customers order a beer simply by saying, “Alexa, order beer.” Sure, it’s a pretty cool and futuristic trick, but to be fair, it doesn’t literally get you a beer. You still have to sit there and wait for your Prime Now order to show up, then go to the door and deal with the delivery guy. You then have to pop open the bottle or can.

5 Ways Modern Whiskey Makers Are Bending the Rules

Despite the fact that we can’t agree on exactly how to spell it, whiskey (‘whisky’, in Canada, Japan and the U.K.) remains one of the most strictly defined categories of alcohol on the planet. Broadly speaking, it is a grain-based spirit, distilled at lower proofs to retain those flavors, and aged in wood casks.

Whiskey Deodorant Has Landed on Kickstarter

Not long ago, a serious drinking session would leave you looking for ways to come home not smelling like booze, but apparently, attitudes are shifting. As we discussed back in August, rosé wine has become so hip that people are going out of their way to bask in its scents.