Million Dollar Whisky: Two Bottles Break Records at Auction

How much would you be willing to pay for a shot of whisky? If the answer is any less than $65,000, then this bottle of Scotch isn’t for you.

This New Spicy Whiskey Makes Amazing Cocktails

When you think of spicy whiskey, the mind leaps to Fireball. And major brands like Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam have released cinnamon whiskey brands of their own. But George Dickel Tabasco Barrel Finish (we call it “Hot Dickel” for short) is its own thing entirely.

This Tabasco Whisky Will Make You Forget All About Fireball

Sure, there are quite a few cocktails that incorporate a splash of hot sauce—Bloody Marys and Micheladas come to mind. And when it comes to whisky, if spicing things up was your jam, you could always opt for a cinnamon whisky, including the infamous Fireball brand.

‘Game of Thrones’ Gets a Whisky Courtesy of Johnnie Walker

Game of Thrones is a show clearly targeted at adults. Beyond its critical acclaim, the next thing the show is best known for is its love of violence and nudity. Thanks to these mature themes, it should probably come as no surprise that GoT has done particularly well with its promotional tie-ins involving alcohol. Next month, Brewery Ommegang will release its 11th official Game of Thrones beer.

Your Whisky Collection Might Be Worth a Fortune

The U.S. stock market had a hell of a year in 2017, but this past February, things cooled off significantly, and the Dow Jones has been in a bit of a holding pattern ever since. So where should investors turn? Booze might be the answer. Not drinking it to calm your nerves, though. Some coveted bottles of whisky from brands like The Macallan have dramatically increased their collector’s value recently.

6 Women in Whiskey to Watch

There I was on a chilly day along the Potomac River, a delicate-tongued wine drinker among dozens of professional whiskey makers, stirring – well, rowing, to use the technical term – the sweet-smelling mash in George Washington’s Distillery. I was there to distill our nation’s native spirit using techniques and equipment harking back to the olden days.

Boxed Vodka, Tequila, and Whiskey Are Officially Here

Though boxed wine has seen its image improve over time, buying wine in boxes hasn’t taken America by storm. According to Nielsen data, in 2016, boxed wine represented about 20 percent of table wine volume or just over 8 percent of table wine retail dollar sales.

There's a Bourbon Trail Through Disney World This Summer

You might expect a bourbon trail through Kentucky, just like you might expect a whiskey trail through Tennessee, a Buffalo wing trail through Buffalo, or a wine trail through Santa Barbara (and don't you dare forget

Jameson Releases a Potent, Cask-Strength Whiskey

In America, Jameson is practically synonymous with Irish whiskey. If you’ve never been convinced to do a shot of Jameson against your better judgment, you should probably find some sleazier friends and hang out with them at seedier bars. With that in mind, here’s some news that might make you shudder: Jameson has released what is likely its strongest globally available whiskey ever.

Pope Francis Calls Pappy Van Winkle ‘Very Good Bourbon’

Turns out being the Pope has some serious, very earthly, benefits. In the case of Pope Francis, he recently scored some pretty choice whiskey. Or as His Holiness called it, “very good bourbon.”