These Two Women Are the First to Join Diageo’s Coopering Program

If you’ve never seen a whisky barrel being constructed, it’s actually quite incredible. Though it’s intuitive after the fact, since the liquid inside is meant to soak up characteristics from the barrel, using adhesives like glue to bind the wooden staves together is a no-no. Instead, a cooper (a.k.a.

Massimo Bottura Debuts 49-Year-Old Scotch Whisky for Charity

Earlier this month, Massimo Bottura marked a first in his career: He announced the opening of the Maria Luigia Inn, a charming 12-room, three-story Italian hotel that he will run with his wife, Lara Gilmore, when it opens this spring.

Tariffs Are Tanking American Whiskey Exports, Industry Group Says

Quinoa Whiskey Banks on a Looser Definition of 'Grains'

The simplest way to categorize different types of spirits is through the primary ingredients used to make them, and by law in the U.S., whiskey has to be made from “grains” — a term that has traditionally meant barley, corn, rye, and wheat.

This Distillery Wants to Prove Whiskey Has Terroir

Though the intricacies of terroir in wine are still up for discussion, some things are extremely self-evident. If you squeeze a grape, juice comes out: Clearly, that water was sucked from the earth the vines grow in and ends up as your wine. But with whiskey, the idea of terroir is a bit more ethereal. Yeah, go try to squeeze some barley.

The Original ‘Predator’ Movie Has an Official Whiskey

Granted, your insistence on continuing to reference the 1987 film Predator by summoning up your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and yelling, “Get to the chopper!” might not be aging like fine wine, but it is the inspiration for a new whiskey.

To Heck with Wine: This App Offers Cheese and Whisky Pairings

Not that cheese isn’t exciting on its own, but the British trade association Dairy UK wanted to find a way to try to make its members’ wares that much more enticing. Of course, cheese and wine pairings are a common ploy, but for its new Cheese Pairings app, Dairy UK decided to go even boozier: cheese and whisky pairings.

$52 Million Worth of Rare Scotch May Be Fake

There’s a reason a cashier will check the authenticity of a hundred dollar bill but let your singles slide without a batting an eye: As things become more valuable, they’re more lucrative to counterfeit and more is at stake for those who deal in them.

Glenfarclas Put 50 Years of Consecutive Scotch Vintages in a Single Trunk

Despite being a drinks writer, I am admittedly no whiskey expert. However, one thing I always find is that whiskeys are best tasted head to head. Unlike beer and wine, whiskey has so much alcohol intensity that direct comparison really helps me get over the booziness and dig into the finer notes.

Christie’s to Auction Off Whiskey Stash Hidden Since Prohibition

How much do you love whiskey? Would you say that you love it so much that, if you sensed the government was going to take it away from you, you would build a secret vault behind a bookcase in your house to make sure that no one could touch it for almost a century? That’s the extent to which businessman and banker Jean-Baptiste Leonis loved booze.