The Secrets Behind the Perfect Irish Coffee

A perfect Irish Coffee is very much the sum of its parts.

3 Excellent Ways to Use Flavored Whiskey

We'll be straight with you: Flavored whiskey is not exactly our favorite trend. Whiskey already has a flavor; it's called whiskey and we like it very much.

That said, there are exceptions to every rule. Jack Daniel's has done a pretty solid job with its first flavored whiskey: Tennessee Honey. Unlike some variations of flavored spirits we will leave unnamed, whiskey and honey are actually a good natural pairing. And while drinking the Jack Honey straight is a definitely a bit sweet for our taste, it does works nicely in cocktails, including these three below.

Whiskey Wisdom: The Difference between Whiskey and Bourbon

Get to know they difference so you can taste the difference.

Shoes with a Spot to Stash Your Airplane-Size Booze Bottles

Sick of stuffing your pockets full of airplane-size bottles of booze? Try tucking those bottles into your shoes.

The geniuses at Oliver Sweeney have created a limited-edition Johnnie Walker Brogue, a classy, Italian-made shoe with a very handy element: a compartment in the heel specifically shaped and sized to fit a miniature bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label.

4 Whiskeys That Taste Just Like Christmas

If you like brown liquor, you're probably quite familiar with bourbon whiskey. And its sibling, rye whiskey. And of course its fatherly forebear, Scotch whisky. You might have also come across Canadian whiskey, Japanese whiskey and perhaps even Tasmanian whiskey.

Fabric Created That Permanently Smells Like Whiskey

While the rest of us are trying to get the smell of alcohol out of our clothes, a team of scientists have developed a fabric that permanently smells like Johnnie Walker whiskey. And it’s coming to a fancy tweed scarf near you.

Nick Offerman's Whiskey Song will Warm Your Heart

We'll just say it. We love Nick Offerman. And yes, we do know he's not actually Ron Swanson, but he's got the mustache, the woodworking expertise (does anyone want to go in on a canoe with us?) and the love of whiskey to convince the world otherwise. That last one is on display in Offerman’s ode to whiskey. Watch him croon about drinking, riding horses and everything else you would expect from the man who might be the world's manliest. Enjoy. We definitely did.

Pie-Flavored Whiskey Is About as Crazy as Flavored Whiskeys Can Be

We have come to a crowning moment of flavored liquor absurdity: pie-flavored whiskey. Piehole is a Canadian whiskey available in several festive holiday pie varieties.

Morning Cocktail Class: How to Make an Old-Fashioned

Learn it. Love it. And start practicing for the weekend.

Watch How Whiskey Barrels Get Their Amazing Char

Japanese whiskey has been gaining popularity for years now, but the topic recently reached a new fervor when the 2015 World Whiskey Bible placed a spirit from Japan at the top of its list.