Father’s Day Whiskies for Every Type of Dad

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Dads may love whiskey. But not every whiskey is perfect for every dad. Here, eight different and amazing whiskies for eight different and amazing types of dads, from a tie-dye–wearing free spirit to an ascot-sporting gentleman.

6 Mega-Pricey Drinks to Order at Rarities in New York

The New York Palace hotel concluded its $140 million renovation earlier this year with the opening of Rarities. This 25-seat jewel box of a lounge offers some of the most rare and sought-after drinks in the world—at a price. Scotch can go for more than $2,000 a dram, and though the bar is open to the public, you’ll need to pony up $15,000 for an annual membership (or stay in one of the hotel’s tower suites) to get a reservation. Beverage director Justin Lorenz told us about some of its priciest, rarest offerings.

7 Whiskey Drinks That Could Help Cure Your Cold

When you’re stuffed up and sick, there’s nothing better than a fragrant and boozy hot toddy. And it turns out that’s not just because of the cocktail’s mood-lifting effects. According to a doctor interviewed by ABC, “The alcohol dilates blood vessels a little bit, and that makes it easier for your mucus membranes to deal with the infections.” So while a cocktail won’t heal you, it can help your body heal itself.

Scotch for the Sequel of "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"

Scotch whisky cocktail for Anchorman's Ron Burgundy

© Frances Janisch

5 Great Scotches That Don't Cost $628,000 a Bottle

Thank you, Guinness. Not the beer—the Guinness Book of World Records folks, who have finally confirmed that yes, indeed, the 6-liter, Lalique-decanter-enclosed bottle of Macallan that sold last year for $628,000 is, without any hint of a doubt, the most expensive bottle of whiskey ever sold.

The Best Empty Bottle: Jim Beam’s Vintage Decanters

While any drinker would love a full bottle of whiskey for Christmas, true cocktail enthusiasts will be much more impressed by an empty one—as long as its one of Jim Beam’s vintage decanters. I confess, I didn’t know about these incredible bottles before I stumbled upon an incredible jackelope decanter after falling into an eBay black hole. But now that I know of them, I’m obsessed. Introduced in 1955, these collectibles come in a wild range of shapes like Volkswagen Beetles, antique phones—there’s even a train set decanter.

Why You Should Drink Cheap Whiskey

Stephen Yorsz, the bartender and co-owner of NYC’s Leave Rochelle Out of It, will not deny you a pricey cult whiskey—but he will question whether that's what you really want. "People are trying to walk before they can run, ordering 23-year-old whiskey without even knowing what it is," he says.

4 Bargain Bourbons to Buy Before They Go the Way of Pappy Van Winkle

As a longtime Manhattan drinker, I am surprised, confounded, pleased and yet at the same time a little concerned about the current state of bourbon. I’m not talking about the quality level—there’s probably more good bourbon out there than there’s ever been before. I’m talking about the popularity level. The rocket-like rise of bourbon’s appeal makes me think about the cigar boom a decade or so ago, when a grizzled vineyard manager and longtime cigar smoker I knew produced one of his favorite stogies from his shirt pocket and said, “See this?

When It's Good to Smell Like Gin or Whiskey

Usually, people take steps to avoid smelling like booze. But this perfumer encourages you to smell like a happy hour. Commodity, which originally launched as a massively successful Kickstarter, is now available at Sephora. They make cocktail-inspired scents like gin and whiskey, but don’t worry, you won’t smell like a stale bar. Rather, Commodity created the fragrances based on sentimental association with your favorite spirit using ingredients like bergamot, eucalyptus and mahogany.

9 of the Most Famous Whiskey Drinkers in History and Today

For whiskey lovers, there’s little better than ending a long day with a glass of whiskey. And no matter how famous you are, this simple pleasure can’t be replaced.