Someone Finally Tasted Space Whiskey

Remember that whiskey that was sent into space? No, not the sample that was just sent up by Japanese brand Suntory this past August. That Suntory bottle was like the Pete Conrad of space whiskey.

Trading Whiskey for a Mercedes in the Underground Booze Economy of Australia

Trading beer for goods or services is nothing new, but typically it’s on the level of giving a buddy a sixer for helping you move your couch. Social media has made everyone more connected, however, and in Australia, at least, your “buddy” might just be one of thousands of people looking to barter for booze or more valuable items.

Best Time Capsule Ever Includes 121-Year-Old Bottle of Whiskey

Historical artifacts? Meh. What people will really want in the future is booze!

I can only assume that was the flawless logic used by whoever stuffed what is now a 121-year-old bottle of whiskey inside a time capsule recently unearthed in an old bridge in Scotland.

India Drinks Over Three Times More Whiskey Than Any Other Country

Sure, having over 1.2 billion people makes doing anything more than another country easy, but you still might be surprised to find out that India drinks more whiskey than any other country – by a huge margin.

According to Business Insider, citing research from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, in 2014, India consumed 1.548 billion liters of whiskey, blowing past the number two country, America, which consumed a measly 462 million liters.

3 Great Ryes for Father's Day

Father’s Day is here. Never mind that it’s a manufactured holiday, the dad-bods of the world deserve a little hoopla. But along with the festive streamers, skywriting and midlife-crisis psychotherapy, why not give ol’ dad a bottle of rye?

Police Finally Caught the Terrible People Behind the Great Kentucky Whiskey Heist

Justice will finally be served in one of the biggest whiskey thefts of all time. After an investigation that took nearly a year and a half, nine people have been indicted for stealing almost $100,000 worth of bourbon from Kentucky distilleries, including 65 cases of Pappy Van Winkle 20-Year, one of the world’s rarest and most expensive.

This Is the Most Amazing Cocktail Ice We’ve Ever Seen

Ice matters. Using the right size and shape can enhance a drink's flavor. As it turns out, ice can also greatly up a drink's artistic value. Beam Suntory—makers of Yamazaki Single-Malt Sherry Cask (the reigning best whiskey in the world), among many wonderful liquids—just won an award for frozen water. Beam Suntory, along with agencies TBWA and Hakuhodo, took home a lotus trophy last month from the Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival for the ice.

The Greatest St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Care Package

Being sent flowers on Valentine’s Day is nice, but if someone sends you a full hot toddy kit on St. Patrick’s Day—you know it’s true love. Cocktail Courier, a service that puts together and delivers kits for making bartender-designed cocktails based in New York and Chicago, is offering the perfect St. Patty’s Day kit in Chicago right now. The St.

3 Tasmanian Whiskeys to Try Now (If You Can Find Them)

There was an upset at the recent World Whiskey Awards: The prize for the best single malt, which is the only one that really matters, did not go to a producer from Scotland or Japan (winners the last 7 years), but to Sullivan’s Cove, a small producer in Hobart, the capital of the island of Tasmania. The Tasmanians have been producing quality whiskey for quite a while—at least since the ban on distilling alcohol was lifted in 1992.

3 Aged Rums That Are Just as Good as Old Whiskey

If you love whiskey, you’re not alone—and that’s becoming a problem. Anyone who’s recently tried to find a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle can tell you, demand for high-end whiskey is far outstripping supply. As the report above notes, whiskey producers have two options for avoiding a shortage: age their product for less time, thus lowering its quality, or raise prices to counter demand.