They're Just Like Us

Where Did Adele's Burrito Come From?

Will we ever know?

Sasha Obama Had a Summer Job in a Restaurant Just Like You

Just because you’re the president’s daughter doesn’t mean you don’t have to get the requisite summer job bussing tables while you’re off school. The only difference is that when you spend the rest of the year in the White House, your summer job is at a seafood restaurant on swanky Martha’s Vineyard, you only work a four-hour shift in the morning when you won’t be bothered by any real people, and the whole thing lasts such a short time that your coworkers barely even notice you.

Tony Danza Works the Register at a Cheese Shop in NYC

If you drop into Alleva in New York’s Little Italy neighborhood – billed as the oldest cheese store in America – the guy working behind the register might leave you asking, “Who’s the boss?” As in, aren’t you the boss? And weren’t you on Who’s the Boss?