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We Sampled Bizarre Foods on SiriusXM So You Don't Have To

If there's one thing we love most about working at FWx, it's the opportunity to sample some of the strangest foods to hit grocery store shelves. Recently, we wrote about Cheerwine's Krispy Kreme-flavored soda, Lay's international collection of potato chips and Dylan's pizza-flavored chocolate, knowing full well that we couldn't knock the unique culinary concoctions till we tried them.

We Tried the New A&W Root Beer and Crush Orange Soda-Flavored Pop-Tarts

Nowadays, if you want people get excited about your boring old product, you have to mash it up with some other crazy product. Pumpkin spice lattes! Red velvet Oreos! Sriracha everything!

The people at Pop-Tarts have recently taken that message to heart. Next month, the people behind the breakfast staple will roll out two soda-flavored varieties: Frosted A&W Root Beer Pop-Tarts and Frosted Crush Orange Pop-Tarts. Because what goes together better than breakfast and soda?!

The Aged Rum Olympics

The beautiful aged rums from the countries in and around the Caribbean are undeniably the best in the world—and the distinct climates of each nation in this region impart unique characteristics on the beverages produced in every one. The variation is much like the difference between Germany, Hungary and Belarus when it comes to Olympic canoeing: All are capable of greatness, but their representatives possess very different accents. (If you don’t follow Olympic canoeing, just trust me, those countries are good at it.)

Has Dry-Hopping Saved Non-Alcoholic Beer? An Expert Weighs In

Over the past couple decades, craft beer has undergone a creative renaissance. But its ugly cousin, non-alcoholic beer, refused to keep pace. Even though NA beer is actually growing in popularity—its sales are up 80 percent from five years ago—it's rare that anyone tries to revolutionize brewing techniques or flavors. Occasionally, though, someone will come along and say they have achieved the impossible: a NA beer that actually resembles beer.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Taste Test

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What It's Like to Drink Sriracha Beer

Oregon’s Rogue Ales & Spirits made waves late this year when they announced they’d be releasing a beer brewed with one of the world’s most beloved hot sauces, Huy Fong Sriracha. Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer officially shipped out Dec. 8, and I was finally able to get around to cracking open my bottle this week.

International Stout Smackdown

Talent. Dedication. Tastiness. All are qualities shared by the competitors in the most elite world games known to humanity: the Beer Olympics.