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Every Oreo Flavor We Could Get Our Hands on, Taste-Tested and Ranked

Every Cheez-It Flavor*, Taste-Tested and Ranked

For our latest snack food taste test, we chose Cheez-Its—that quintessential orange cheesy cracker that's a fixture on convenience store shelves and in dorm rooms everywhere. We gathered 16 flavors, including a selection from the brand's newest Duoz range—which features flavor and texture combinations never before seen together in a Cheez-It box—and rallied our writers, tasters, and editors. Here are our favorites, ranked.


We Tried Fireworks Oreos With Popping Candy Inside

When we first heard the rumors that Oreo would be releasing a “Firework” cookie with popping candy (think generic Pop Rocks) inside, we were curious about how it would feel to have our beloved treats exploding as we ate them. Luckily we got an advance package of the festive cookies and had some of our team give the a taste so that you know exactly what to expect. As it turns out, much like actual fireworks, they’re relatively enjoyable and kind of fun for while.

We Tried the New Caramel M&M’s

It’s hard to improve upon a good thing, and most candy fans seem to agree that M&M’s are a good thing (just visit the M&M’s store any day of the year). But along the way, the candy-coated chocolate candies have made a few additions that stood up to the original. Peanut, dark chocolate, pretzel, and crispy varieties have all amassed their own passionate followings (case in point, our office complex snack bar has a dark chocolate M&M’s dispenser which needs to be re-filled five times a day).

We Ate The Girl Scout Cookie Cereals and You Should Too

Hey, remember October? The hive mind of Facebook and twitter concluded we were entering the final quarter of the worst year in history. But, even if you think 2016 rose to the title of worst year ever (it probably didn’t), try to set your mind back to one of the more pleasant moments of that month—when you found out that the Girl Scouts planned to expand their sugary empire to breakfast.

Top 5 Kombuchas to Buy Now

1. BluePrint

The cult-favorite cold-pressed juice company is now making kombucha that’s less sweet and more fizzy than others we’ve tasted. We especially love Miss Tang, a puckery lemon-lime blend with ginger for even more digestion support. $4 for 14 oz.; blueprint.com.

'Tis the Season to Try Trader Joe's Holiday Products

Everyone grab your Fearless Flyer and your Hawaiian shirt. We raided the seasonal aisle at Trader Joe’s. As you know if you’ve been into America’s “neighborhood grocery store” this time of year it’s starting to look (and smell and taste) a lot like the holidays. Dark beer, panettone and unpronounceable German desserts were on our list. Here’s what’s worth putting in your basket and what’s best just left in the free sample area.

We Tasted Turkey Ice Cream And We Didn’t Hate It

If you don’t know Salt & Straw, you should. They’re an ice cream shop based out of Oregon and Los Angeles well known for crafting both incredible and peculiar ice cream flavors. They have updated classics like salted, malted chocolate chip cookie dough – truly the best cookie dough ice cream in the world – but they like to push the flavor envelope as well with pints like fish sauce caramel with palm sugar. And for Thanksgiving they didn’t hold back. This year they cranked out both sweet and savory dishes in ice cream form - think butter mashed potato & gravy ice cream.

F&W Taste Test: Best Caramel Sauces

Chocolat Moderne

Passion fruit gives it a nice tart edge. $14 for 8.25 oz.; chocolatmoderne.com.

We Tried Weird Foods on SiriusXM Again

We're back with another week of #FatKidFridays on SiriusXM's Wake Up With Taylor to sample all of the bizarre foods that have excited or horrified you.