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We Ate Over 30 Frozen Appetizers. Here Are Our Favorites

Caviar and Potato Chips: The Pairings You Need, and the Ones You Definitely Don’t

We’re all about high and low here at Food & Wine. For as many truffled pastas and wagyu dinners we enjoy, we’re just as happy downing boxes of Cheeze-Its and tubes of Pringles. The ultimate high-low marriage?

We Tried Krispy Kreme’s New Summer Doughnuts, and They’re a Sweet Reminder of Warm Weather

On April 17, Krispy Kreme dropped an exciting announcement—the return of the fan-favorite Lemon Glazed Doughnut and three new fruit-inspired flavors, as part of the summer doughnut collection.

Plant-Based Burger Taste Test: We Tried Four Vegan 'Meat' Brands Ahead of Grilling Season

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—2019 is the year of the plant-based burger. They look like meat, they taste (for the most part) like meat, and some of them even "bleed." While frontrunners like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger have been steadily dominating the market, the competition is growing, and each month seems to bring about a new meatless product.

Every Pringles Flavor We Could Get Our Hands On, Taste-Tested and Ranked

In the great canon of chips, Pringles hold a very special place. Not quite potato chips, but not tortilla chips or anything else really, they reside in a class all their own. First appearing in the 1960s, they've stood the test of time, thanks to their incredibly satisfying and addictive crunch, and also, their seemingly endless array of flavors.

Every Blue Diamond Almond Flavor, Taste-Tested and Ranked

Here at Food & Wine, we're big proponents of snack food. We're also big proponents of taste-testing snack foods, as we've done with all sorts of products — from Pop-Tarts to Cheez-Its.

6 New Spicy Condiments to Use All Summer Long

Whether you plan to spend your summer at the grill cooking up hot dogs, lounging by the pool eating French fries, or whipping up tacos full of fresh produce, you’re going to need a sauce to go the distance.

Mac & Cheese Bagels Are the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Craving We Didn't Know We Had

For a while there, bagels got off track. They were Oreo-flavored, they were Flamin' Hot Cheetos-flavored, and they were even rainbow-colored, like the Play-Doh doughnuts of your youth. But crazy bagel creations can also err on the side of humble, dare I say, homey.

Every Goldfish Flavor We Could Get Our Hands On, Taste-Tested and Ranked

Here at Food & Wine, our snack food taste tests have a pretty simple methodology: gather the things, photograph, try methodically, rank, devour whatever's left. This process usually runs pretty smoothly, and we’re generally good at sharing, but there’s something about Goldfish that makes people go a little crazy.

We Tried McDonald's Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder, And You Can Guess How That Went

I'd love to have an excuse at the ready for the fact that the first meal I ate upon arriving in Berkeley—that's right, Berkeley, California, the fabled culinary mecca that's only responsible for helping to change the way we eat in this country—was a Quarter Pounder with Cheese at the McDonald's on San Pablo Avenue, but I have none.