Taco Bell

Taco Bell Trying Out Taco Shells Made of Fried Chicken

Typically, a taco happens like this: Meat gets shoved in a folded tortilla. But what if the meat were the tortilla? No, this is not some existential musing dreamt up by the Dalai Lama himself. It’s just a new gimmick from Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Is Totally Down with All Your Cool Slang

Keeping up to date with the way the kids are talking nowadays isn’t easy, especially when you’re holed up in your lame corporate fast food job five days a week. So the bigwigs at Taco Bell developed a solution: The company created a “Millennial Word of the Week” program, informing employees of the latest slang by sending out emails and displaying the words on screens around the office. And just to prove that the brand’s execs are completely out of touch with millennials, they’ve recently been admitting to this process in interviews.

Taco Bell to Try Serving Booze for the First Time

When Taco Bell started pushing their FourthMeal campaign, their slogan was “You’re out. You’re hungry. You’re doing FourthMeal.” All along, it’s been a not-so-subtle nod to the grand tradition of drunk eating. A more realistic take on that slogan would probably be “You’ve been drinking. You need food to live. You’re doing FourthMeal.” Well, the Bell finally realized they can cut out the middle man and will try to serve alcohol directly to their customers. Great idea, Taco Bell! What took you so long?

Biscuit Tacos For Breakfast May Be The Best Way to Have Heartburn All Day

Taco Bell believes they’ve found a way to make breakfast more exciting, and somehow not surprisingly, it comes by turning an old breakfast favorite—the biscuit—into taco form.

Plans Underway to Save the Original Taco Bell Location

Taco Bell might not seem like a national treasure. But some believe that the very first location of the mega taco chain should be.

Glenn Bell opened the first Taco Bell in Downey, California, just south of Los Angeles, in 1962. After just five years, the brand had 100 locations.

College Student Makes a Dress Out of Taco Bell Wrappers

You’ve probably never thought twice about tossing your fast food wrappers and used condiment packets into the nearest trash bin. But one fashion-forward art student found a better use for them, and it landed her a spot in the latest Taco Bell commercial.

We Ate the Weirdest Things You Can Make with Taco Bell's App

With Taco Bell's new ordering app, one brave soul dares to order the strangest items possible.

Taco Bell Just Made Fast Food Even Faster

For all of those moments when you really that need a taco immediately.