Taco Bell

Taco Bell Bestows on Us a Cheetos Quesadilla

America’s diplomatic relationship with the Philippines may have become strained since President Rodrigo Duterte took office earlier this year and immediately started slinging mud (and curse words) at President Obama. But apparently our fast food relationship with the Asian nation is doing just fine seeing as America’s largest Mexican chain Taco Bell just exclusively blessed the country with the holy grail of fast food items – a Cheetos-stuffed quesadilla.

A Taco Bell PAC Maxed Out Its Giving to the Trump Campaign

Making tacos great again?

This Is How You Get a Free Taco During the NBA Finals

Sure, the winningest team in the history of the NBA is just one game away from officially missing the Finals, but that doesn’t mean the last seven game series of the season can’t still be exciting. And not just because it will probably feature Lebron (sorry Raptors fans). Nope, the most exciting part of the NBA Finals is that we’ll all have the chance to win free tacos!

Fried Chicken Taco Shells Will Come to the Masses

Back in September, we published an article entitled “Taco Bell Trying Out Taco Shells Made of Fried Chicken” reporting on the breaking news that – oh man – Taco Bell was trying out taco shells made of fried chicken. Well, if you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat since last year wondering how that whole experiment went, the answer is finally here: Apparently, it’s going pretty well – because soon, everyone should be able to get those fried chicken taco shells.

Taco Bell Selling Preorders for Mystery New Menu Item

How much do you trust Taco Bell? So much that you’re willing to give them $2.99 for a still unnamed menu item? That’s the fast food chain’s latest marketing gimmick, offering up preorders for said mystery item so diehard Taco Bell fans can get a chance to try it on February 6, two days before its scheduled nationwide release.

Taco Bell's Mystery Menu Item Press Release Makes a Perfect Mad Lib

Taco Bell got its reputation as a stoner's paradise for a reason. They're willing to delve down deep into the psyche of the junk food loving community and unearth ungodly creations human beings never even knew they were capable of craving.

Croissant Tacos? Sure, Why Not?

What hasn’t been a Taco Bell taco shell? That isn’t just some theoretical question; it appears to be the question Taco Bell product developers ask themselves any time they are in the same room.

Flamin’ Hot Fritos Is the Latest Snack to Get Its Own Taco Bell Shell

Say what you will about Taco Bell, but they give their fans what they want. Back in April, the Mexican food chain that had already transformed the hard taco shell by making it out of Doritos, decided to push the boundaries of snack chip/taco shell collaboration even further by introducing two types of Fritos shells: Original and Chili Cheese.

Booze Comes to Taco Bell Earlier Than Expected

Attention, lushes! Your time to legally get drunk in a Taco Bell is at hand!

We’ve been sitting on word that Taco Bell planned to open an outpost in Chicago that serves alcohol since back in May. After a bit of a delay, the Mexican fast food chain picked September 22 as the official launch date. But the location in the city’s Wicker Park area apparently could not wait to watch people get wild on Gorditas and margaritas, so this “Taco Bell Cantina,” as it’s called, soft-opened today.

Taco Bell Trying Out Taco Shells Made of Fried Chicken

Typically, a taco happens like this: Meat gets shoved in a folded tortilla. But what if the meat were the tortilla? No, this is not some existential musing dreamt up by the Dalai Lama himself. It’s just a new gimmick from Taco Bell.