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How to Get a Free Doritos Locos Taco, Thanks to the Red Sox

Reminder: Free Taco Bell Is on the Line During the World Series

We won’t necessarily condone betting on professional sports, but no doubt big events like the NBA Finals, Super Bowl, and World Series all see their fair share of dollars won and lost. However, not all high-stakes wagers have to be made in cash.

Taco Bell Has 'Party Packs' That Can Even Be Delivered

Taco Bell is a likely destination following any raging party. The taco chain is notorious for collecting all sorts of late night snackers and anyone looking to soak up the aftereffects of the previous hours’ revelry. But what about during the party?

Taco Bell to Take ‘National Taco Day’ Global This Year

PSA: Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Are Back

When it comes to pushing the envelope on limited-edition menu items, no other fast food restaurant tops Taco Bell.

Everyone Gets Free Taco Bell Thanks to the Golden State Warriors

Last night was game three of the NBA Finals, between the Cleveland Cavaliers—carried mostly by pizza chain investor LeBron James—and the Golden State Warriors, arguably one of the best NBA teams ever assembled. The Warriors were on the Cavaliers' turf, fighting to maintain their 2-0 lead—which they did by only eight points.

Taco Bell Wants to Give Away Free Tacos During the NBA Finals

The NBA playoffs are in full swing at the moment (the Celtics are playing the Cavaliers, while the Warriors are playing the Rockets, in case you were curious) which means that the finals—a series of seven games between the final two teams—start in two weeks. You might be wondering why you're reading about basketball right now, given that this is a food publication, but let me assure you the food is coming.

Taco Bell Put a French Toast Shell on Its Breakfast Chalupa

By now, Taco Bell fans are used the chain experimenting with menu items in every way imaginable. And recently, we’ve seen a couple unique twists on what can constitute a taco shell including a fried chicken taco shell and a shell made out of egg.

Taco Bell Is Taking Nacho Fries off the Menu (But They'll Be Back)

Taco Bell waited over 50 years to add French fries to its menu. Now, after a ridiculously successful two-month run, fans of the brand’s recently released Nacho Fries will have to start playing the waiting game once again… though hopefully not for as long this time around.

An Important Reason to Try Taco Bell's Nacho Fries If You Haven't Already

Fast food fans can debate the flavor of Taco Bell’s long-awaited French fries (after our taste test, we gave the new menu item a thumbs up), but you certainly can’t argue with their success.