Taco Bell

Taco Bell Has a Recipe for Turning Rolled Chicken Tacos into a Thanksgiving Soup

Score a Free Taco from Taco Bell This Week, Thanks to the Washington Nationals

This year's World Series gave fans a matchup between teams from Houston, Texas and Washington D.C., and while both are—for obvious reasons (i.e. winning their respective league championships)—great teams, fans of Major League Baseball's other 28 franchises might feel a little left out.

Taco Bell and Xbox Made a Console Rings Like Bell When You Start It Up

Taco Bell and Xbox have worked together since the launch of the original Xbox back in 2001. You don't need a pile of statistics to understand why: Gamers and fast food fans just feel like a natural fit—if only because it's hard to cook when both your hands are occupied with a controller.

Taco Bell Adds Dedicated Vegetarian Menu Nationwide

Adding vegetarian and vegan plant-based menu items has been all the rage in the fast food world: White Castle, Carl's Jr., Panda Express, Del Taco,

Taco Bell Will Ax Nine Items in Menu Revamp

Taco Bell Unveils Back to School Collection

Sadly for Taco Bell diehards, room reservations for the chain's five-night-only pop-up hotel in August were all snatched up in just two minutes. So for some back-to-schoolers, their tales of "what I did this summer" won't be as taco-fueled as they may have hoped. But Taco Bell wants to make sure you still look good, even while you bore all your classmates.

Taco Bell Commits to Cutting Antibiotics from a Quarter of Its Beef Supply

In 2017, mounting pressure led a number of major brands — from fast food chains like McDonald’s to suppliers like Tyson — to end the use of antibiotics that are considered important for humans in their chicken supplies, a move seen as a significant step towards slowing the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Here's the Menu Being Served Exclusively at the Taco Bell Hotel

Taco Bell's Tortilla Shortage Is Already Over

The year is 2019. Feral millennials facing the hunger pangs of a mild buzz caused by the consumption of a responsible amount of hard seltzer roam the city streets in search of any Taco Bell selling menu items made with tortillas, lest they have to face the horrible alternative: ordering from any of the dozens of other restaurants available on Postmates.

Taco Bell Confirms ‘Tortillapocalypse’ Is Real, Recommends Gorditas Instead