Soylent Is Banned In Canada, So Stock Up On Actual Food

Disaster struck the Canadian liquid food-substitute community today as the country banned Soylent, the product of a much-hyped Silicon Valley startup named after its lentil and soy base, as well as a dystopian sci-fi novel about overpopulation.

Soylent Launches Two New Caffeinated Flavors To Jumpstart Your Mornings

In this day and age, getting both breakfast and coffee in before getting to work isn't always possible, and if you're like us, you're probably opting for caffeine over food most of the time.

We Tasted Soylent's New Coffee-Flavored Breakfast Replacement

The future is coming to take your breakfast.

Soylent CEO’s Neighbors Hate His Shipping Container ‘House’

You might expect the guy whose quest to give up food led him to create a meal replacement beverage empire to be a bit of an eccentric, but according to some of his Los Angeles neighbors, Rob Rhinehart, founder of Soylent, is a bit of a pain in the ass too. They’re request: That Rhinehart get his eyesore of a red, graffiti-covered, abandoned shipping container “house” out of the neighborhood.

Is Soylent Aiming to Be the Official Food Substitute for Gamers?

Soylent, that chalky-looking liquid food substitute that shares its name with a horrific sci-fi concept, is aggressively trying to make its way into the food world. The start-up's target is the world’s most elite gamers.

Soylent May Face Legal Action for High Levels of Heavy Metals

Soylent, the bizarre food replacement powder, might not be made of people like the fictional food it shares a name with, but a California-based activist group alleges that whatever it is made out of, you might want to think twice before consuming it.

The 7 Weirdest Claims in the Soylent Creator's New Manifesto

Soylent, the food alternative for people who hate eating, just launched its newest iteration, Soylent 2.0. The new version features two big changes: a shift from rice to soy as its major protein source and, for the first time, it will come pre-bottled. This is great news if you loved Soylent 1.0 because you were too lazy to cook. Now you can be too lazy to mix.

Tired of Food? You Can Finally Get Your Hands on Some Yummy Soylent

As of last Friday, Soylent went from a fanciful idea to an actual product that could be sent to your home, as shipments went out to its early backers.