Shake Shack

Shake Shack's Newest Burger Comes From a Michelin Starred Chef

It’s not every day a fast food chain serves up burger from a Michelin-starred chef, but Shake Shack prides itself on not being like every other fast food chain.

Shake Shack Is Getting a Cookbook So We Can All Make Fast Food at Home

Though at its core, Shake Shack was purposefully modeled after a typical American fast food burger-and-fries-joint, the chain has always claimed to be a bit different—a bit higher quality, a bit more upmarket, a bit more socially conscious. You could maybe even call it a bit more “New York City.”

Al Roker’s Shake Shack Burger Is a Gastric Bypass Nightmare

Bring on the meat sweats.

In partnership with Shake Shack to benefit No Kid Hungry, Today show co-host Al Roker has debuted a new signature menu item: the Roker Burger.


Ina Garten Eats Shake Shack, Just Like the Rest of Us

It may not have saffron or “really good butter,” but Shake Shack’s Chick’n Shack has fried chicken, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and buttermilk herb mayo, and that’s good enough for Ina Garten. (And frankly, what's good enough for Ina Garten is good enough for me.)

The Food Network star took to Instagram to document her summer meal, which she succinctly describes as “#crazygood.”

So, Who’s Actually Better: Pizza Rat or Milkshake Squirrel?

If there are two things the Internet loves, it’s food and cute animal videos. And this week they have combined in a couple of truly magical ways. First, there was Pizza Rat: The subway-dwelling rodent who was working hard to drag a slice of New York pizza down the steps at a subway stop. But, its thirst for such things unquenched, today the Internet discovered Milkshake Squirrel.

We Ate the Much-Hyped Shake Shack Chicken Sandwich

After hearing that Shake Shack had suddenly introduced their highly-anticipated ChickenShack sandwich, there was only one place I was willing to take my lunch.

Shake Shack CEO Encouraged Employees to Give Out Lots of Free Stuff

If you’ve invested any of your money in the much hyped Shake Shack stock, you might not have loved what Shack CEO Randy Garutti had to say to his employees this week: “I want to challenge you to put us out of business.” Though my guess is he didn’t mean it as literally as it reads.

Shake Shack Mulling Addition of Chicken Sandwich to Menu

A fast food chain adding a chicken sandwich to their menu might not seem like much of an innovation, but when you’re the hottest burger place on the planet – and a company that had one of the most publicized IPOs in the past year – getting into the chicken game is big news.

The Shake & Out Burger: Two Favorites Come Together In Perfect Burger Harmony

For too long, East and West Coasters have had the best access to fast food excellence. Yes, I know Shake Shack and In-N-Out Burger are dabbling with locations in places like Texas, Chicago and Dubai, but these are New York and California institutions that remain out of the reach of many.

But distance shouldn't force us to wait for them to come to us. Here’s my recipe for the best of both worlds. Beef cooked In-N-Out style, Shake Shack-style sauce—a match made in burger heaven. The wait is over, friends.

Shake Shack’s Irish Fries Are Back to Dominate St. Patrick’s Day Snacking

Sorry Shamrock Shake, you are no longer the St. Patrick’s Day fast food highlight you once were. Shake Shack, Danny Meyer’s ode to what fast food should be, is once again getting into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with their Irish Fries. The crinkle cut fries are topped with horseradish cream, applewood smoked bacon and freshly sliced scallions.