Shake Shack

Could a Hot Dog Breakfast Sandwich Be Shake Shack’s Next New Menu Item?

Shake Shack Releases Two New Holiday Shakes

Thanks to the continuing cult of pumpkin spice, autumn — which some pumpkin purveyors now believe starts as early as August — has usurped a lot of the seasonal food and beverage excitement from winter, which, with its mix of holiday cheer and cold weather, is really the more sensible seasonal king.

Shake Shack's New Innovation Kitchen Will Launch Chick'n Bites

Located on the lower level of the West Village Shake Shack, the brand-new Innovation Kitchen will serve as the restaurant's center for menu development when it opens to the public on Tuesday, September 18.

Shake Shack Will Bring 'Bob's Burgers' to Life for Comic Con

You want to try one of Bob’s burgers, don’t deny it. Sure, you could always stop by a nearby Shake Shack and get a non-cartoon burger, but none of those burgers have puns for names. Unfortunately, Bob and his struggling restaurant are confined to the realm of television.

Shake Shack to Test Its Own In-House Veggie Burger

Meatless hamburgers have emerged as one of the hottest trends in the food service industry, in no small part thanks to the growth and success of the “bleeding” fake-meat burger brands Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat which take a scientific approach to rev

The B-52s Reveal the Inspiration Behind Their Glittery 'Love Shack' Shake

When Shake Shack approached The B-52s about teaming up to create a special shake for Valentine’s Day, the band realized that it was a no-brainer.

“I love shakes,” says Cindy Wilson, one of the beloved band’s three vocalists.

You Can Get a Free Shake Shack Burger Through Postmates This Week

What’s better than a free hamburger? A free good hamburger, of course—so fans of Shake Shack will want to hear this offer.

Shake Shack Is Adding Chili to Its Menu Just in Time for Winter

Next week, Shake Shack will take its comfort food game to a whole new level.

Just in time for soup season, the fast casual spot is adding chili to its menu. Starting October 30, guests with ambitious appetites can feast on crinkle-cut cheese fries, beef hot dogs, and cheeseburgers topped with smoked and slow-braised beef chili, cooked with ancho and chile de arbol peppers for a little extra kick. And you thought your Shack Burger was filling.

Shake Shack Launching Experimental 'Playground' with Cashless, Kiosk Ordering

Customers at Shake Shack's new Astor Place location may notice slightly fewer people than at the usual crowded Shack, thanks to the removal of the cashier's counter. Instead, you'll have to place your order either at a digital kiosk or via a mobile app and, in an even bigger change from chain norms, you can't pay in cash.

Shake Shack Founder Danny Meyer Has Raised a $220 Million Private Equity Fund

Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer is getting into the private equity business.

The New York restaurateur has raised $220 million in the fund, called Enlightened Hospitality Investments LP, according to The Wall Street Journal.