A New Herbal Coffee Promises Better Sex for Men, But There's a Catch

"Waking up" takes on a whole new meaning with a Maryland coffee company's latest herbal coffee.

Stiff Bull, dubbed as "the relationship saver," aims to enhance sexual performance with its "propriety blend of ingredients such as Tongkat Ali, Maca Root and Guarana."

"These Herbs grow wild in the jungles of Malaysia and have been used for centuries by the people of Asia and South America to greatly improve sexual health, libido, and overall wellness," its website promises.

Research Suggests that Women Prefer Food Over Sex

We don't know whether to be sad for humanity or happy for the world's greatest chefs.

Did Science Discover Sex Can Reduce Binge Eating?

The reward centers of our brains are complicated places. They can cause us to crave food or sex or the Republican presidential nomination for reasons we don’t even fully understand. But recent research suggests that oxytocin – a hormone that is believed to be tied to and possibly released during sexual activity may also be correlated to binge eating, with lower oxytocin levels signifying an increased proclivity towards overeating.

Red Wine Could Help Men in the Bedroom, But Not for the Reason You Think

Most people know that, in the short term, alcohol and sex don’t always mix as well as a gentleman would hope. But a new study suggests that in the long term, gulping down glasses of red wine might actually be helpful in reducing a man’s odds of having problems in the bedroom.

Males Prioritize Sex Over Food, According to New Study of Horny Worms

What can a species of small worms teach us about the priorities of men? New research shows that, for worms at least, a male’s desire for sex, even at the expense of food, may be deeply ingrained in the gender’s biology, even down to specific cells.

New Study: The Key to a Woman's Heart May Be a Full Stomach

Scientists have found the flipside to being hangry.

5 Apple Dishes That Will Definitely Get You in the Mood

Are you a woman or do you plan to have sex with a woman in the near future? Then here is a snack recommendation for you: apples.