Hendrick’s Opens $17 Million ‘Gin Palace’ in Scotland

Whisky isn’t the only spirit providing a boom to Scotland’s economy.

The Macallan Opens a New Distillery and Visitor Center Unlike Anything We've Seen Before

A series of undulating mounds sinks into the grass, organic edges echoing the surrounding topography — a subterranean lair camouflaged to the specifications of a Bond villain. Inside, beyond the entranceway, a cavernous atrium beckons your neck to tilt back toward the rafters, to spot the lofted ceiling dimpled with 2,500 separate sections of curved wood, held in place by 1,800 beams. Walls are lined with glass, encasing 840 bottles up to 194 years old, displayed like the stacks at an Ivy League library.

The Single Estate Gin Distillery Trying to Save Juniper

In the grassy Scottish Highlands, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and a blustery, wet sand beach, there lies of a 2,000-acre farm and distillery called the Arbikie Highland Estate that is quietly changing the

You Can Buy Your Own Private Island in Scotland for $325K

Seclusion is the ultimate luxury — for those who can afford it.

And although the two words “private island” may conjure images of unspoiled beaches, those who prefer a colder climate can throw their money at seclusion closer to the North Pole.

Is Food a Basic Human Right?

While the quest to end world hunger has been an ongoing battle at the forefront of public consciousness for decades and decades—for as long as we can remember—the basic human right to food is rarely discussed, though it's specified and protected under article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which reads: "Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing, and medical care and neces

You Can Trade Grapefruit for Beer for One Night Only

I’ve got one of those newfangled credit cards with a chip in it. That means every time I want to use it I have to swipe it and then have an error message pop up telling me I have to insert it into a different part of the machine and then have the machine beep at me angrily. Everything would be so much easier if I could pay with, say, a piece of fruit. And tomorrow in the UK, for one night only you’ll be able to do that.

Scots Offended by Tea Cake Brand Calling Itself ‘British’

I live in New York. Would you call me a New Yorker or an American? Honestly, you could call me either and I wouldn’t mind. Sure, for the latter, I’m getting lumped in with gun-toting Texans, pot-smoking Coloradans and alligator-wrestling Floridians, but that just comes with the territory. Some Scots, however, might not agree with me.

The World Has Its First Scottish-Japanese Whiskey

Consider it a case of old-school meeting new-school to create a school all its own: The country that put whiskey on the map has combined with the country that has been winning modern whiskey awards left and right, and now the world has what’s being called its first ever Scottish-Japanese whiskey.

Scotland Plans to Ban Genetically-Modified Crops

Scotland is known for its rolling green hills, and they want to keep that nature as natural as possible.

Scotland Is Having Trouble Making Good Wine

Scotland has never had much trouble producing alcohol. Scotch – the whisky named after the country – is world renowned. And brewing beer is part of their national heritage. But they never tried their hand at wine before – and they’re not off to the best start.