‘Food Out of Thin Air’ Could Hit Shelves Within Two Years

Increasing carbon dioxide levels are one of the primary causes of climate change. Beyond simply reducing emissions, some scientists believe it might make sense to literally suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But here’s an even crazier-sounding idea: What if we could turn carbon dioxide into food and eat it?

Scientists Create a Sound So Loud It Can Practically Boil Water

As a high school kid, you may have seen an experiment that went something like this: Your totally cool science teacher put water in a syringe and made it boil simply by pulling the plunger and decreasing the pressure inside.

Could Potato Peels Be the Key to Sustainable Furniture?

Fighting food waste has been an ongoing battle — and most of the stories are pretty straightforward: sending off scraps for animal feed or brewing leftover bread into beer.

Why It's So Difficult to Choose Something Off a Menu, According to Science

A generation or so ago, large menus appeared to be on the upswing. Restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory made a name for themselves by presenting guests with menus the size of books. But more recently, the trend has been the opposite: paring menus down to a more focused selection.

The Company That Promised Us Synthetic Wine Is Now Making Synthetic Whiskey

Beer Might Be the Key to Surviving on Mars, But Not for the Reasons You Think

Humans are still a long way away from colonizing Mars. Heck, humans are still too lazy to go back to the moon. But no matter how far we travel from Earth, beer wants to be there. Earlier this year, an Australian brewery began raising money for a beer bottle you could drink from in space. Last year, a group of college kids was developing a way to brew beer on the moon.

Science Finally Explains Why We Get Hangry

'Cooked' Fish Surprises Restaurant Customers by Jumping Out of Bowl

This is a fresh fish!

According to Metro, what is being called a “zombie fish” shocked customers at a Chinese restaurant by jumping off the plate it was being served on.

How Does Salmonella Get Into Eggs?

The largest egg recall in nearly a decade has people understandably spooked. Here's how Salmonella gets into eggs in the first place.

Yesterday, we reported on a Salmonella outbreak that left 22 people sick and led to a recall of over 206 million eggs.

Salmonella is a bacteria and, if a person gets infected, the symptoms include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

This Brewery Is Using Machine Learning to Create the Ideal IPA

As computers integrated into everyday life, a romanticism emerged: the idea that they might be able to do everything perfectly—from handling your finances to even finding you a mate. And as the field of artificial intelligence continues to grow, a brewery in Virginia has even used this technology to create what it hopes could be the perfect IPA—and the methodology they used is certainly intriguing.