Should Restaurants Offer Gift Cards to Reimburse No-Show Reservation Fees?

For restaurants, a no-show on a reservation is clearly bad for business: That’s revenue that’s been expected — possibly even prepared for when stocking ingredients and scheduling staff — that will never be recouped. But trying to preventno-showss can be bad for business, too.

Here's Your Last Chance to Get Noma Reservations This Year

When the new Noma opened back in February, one of the biggest changes—beyond a new location, of course—was the way René Redzepi would be rotating the menu. The renowned chef decided he would break the calendar year down into three “seasons.” (Yes, that’s one less than Mother Nature decided on, but even Ms.

Last-Minute Dinner Reservations Just Got a Lot Easier

Resy Says It Has a New Plan to Turn Tables Better and Help Diners Nab Hard-to-Get Reservations

This Remote Maine Restaurant Will Only Accept Reservations by Postcard

Getting tired of the reservation industrial complex?

What to Do When You Can't Get a Reservation

You've been dying to try the newest restaurant in your neighborhood, but after a solid two weeks of attempting to make a reservation for your piddly party of two, you're convinced you'll never be able to get in. So you do what any sane person would do: you call the next best hot spot, only to find out that the only way to dine there is to walk-in—and the line is always hours long.

You can't win: you either can't make a reservation, or you can't make a reservation.

Solo Dining Reservations Are Booming, According to OpenTable

Remember when there was a stigma around dining alone? Apparently that was back before people spent most of their meals staring at their phones regardless of their company, because now new data supports that diners are fine with being left to their own devices.

Google Tracks Us So Much It Can Now Tell Us When Restaurants and Bars Are Busiest

This week, Google has been rolling out an incredible new feature to Google Search: For “millions” of places and businesses around the world, users will now be able to see data on “popular times,” essentially letting people know when these spots are at their busiest. The information is presented via a bar graph of times throughout the day and can be scrolled through to view all seven days of the week.

This App Can Reserve You a Seat at a Crowded Coffee Shop

Here’s the dilemma: You enter the coffee shop, laptop in hand, ready to have a far more productive couple hours than you ever would have had at home (damn you, Netflix!). Glancing around, you realize all the seats are taken. “How long has that guy been nursing that coffee for?” “That chick’s taking up a whole table, and she hasn’t even bought anything!”

Why Nabbing a Reservation at Dirty French Is Worth the One-Month Wait

Dirty French, the latest opening by chef Rich Torrisi, should be on your bucket list.