We Tried Turducken Pringles

Pringles Thanksgiving Flavors Are Back with a Stackable Turducken in the Mix

Italian Government Confiscates Prosecco-Flavored Pringles for Using the Protected Wine's Name

These Two Pringles Flavors Are Exclusively at Dollar General This Summer

Summer is officially cookout season. Time to fire up the grill, assuming the propane tank isn’t empty, which of course it is, so then you go gotta get that thing refilled, which isn’t cheap by the way, and then go get the meat and the fixin's, pick up some wine and beer, and buy some paper plates... Or, you know what, you could just throw some Pringles into a plastic bowl and get right to playing some cornhole.

Pringles Created a Mystery Flavor — Here Are Our Best Guesses

You can find almost any flavor in chip form these days, from chicken and waffles to lobster rolls to Flamin' Hot dill pickle. But that doesn’t mean the people behind your favorite crispy snacks aren’t continuing on their march of potato chip innovation.

The U.K. Has a Pringles Stockpile to Prepare for Brexit

For Americans hearing the news all the way across the pond, the details of Brexit can be quite confusing. So as an American citizen who has been living in the United Kingdom since the Brexit vote, let me give you the inside scoop… No one has any damn clue what is going to happen. No one. That’s the problem. It’s like breaking up with your significant other: Will you accidentally leave some clothes at their place? Almost definitely. Will you really need those clothes at some point in the future?

Pringles Wine Tumblers Are Here for Your Next Trip to Walmart

They say that any publicity is good publicity, and that's a reality Pringles has been dealing with for three weeks now. On January 11, a woman was reportedly banned from a Walmart in part because she was drinking wine out of a Pringles can in the parking lot.

I Tried Drinking Wine from a Pringles Can

Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner Flavors Are Available to the Public This Year

Pringles' Stack Shack Pop-Up Will Encourage Customers to Mix the Chips and Create New Flavors

Here's how eating Pringles typical goes down: You pop open a tube and proceed to pick out chips with your fingers until you can't fit your hand in any further and resort to pouring the rest out. Conventional logic also dictates that you do this one tube at a time, lest you end up with a bunch of stale, half-eaten Pringles containers in your cupboard.