'Top Chef’s' Adrienne Wright on Working as a Chef While Pregnant

Chef Adrienne Wright thought the two or three months after filming Top Chef in Kentucky last year would be her opportunity to step back into the role of executive chef for Boston Urban Hospitality and get into the swing of things before the busy holiday season started. But as she was settling in, she got some news that would change everything for the chef and her husband. Wright found out that she was expecting her first child, meaning she had to reevaluate her role going into the busiest time of year for the restaurants.

Fishy News: Your Seafood Cravings Can Help Lead to Smarter Kids

The importance of DHA for pregnant women is well documented. Doctors suggest that even when trying to conceive, women supplement their prenatal vitamin with DHA. A good source of DHA and folic acid is fish, which helps with the proper development of the baby. Now a study conducted in Spain reveals that the benefits of fish can ultimately have a positive effect on the baby’s brain.

As If Pregnancy Weren’t Hard Enough, Now Scientists Are Saying You Can’t Even Have Cheese Fries

Pregnancy isn’t easy. You deal with morning sickness and crazy mood swings, then aren’t even allowed a cocktail at the end of the day. And now scientists are saying moms-to-be can’t even comfort themselves with a hearty helping of America’s favorite comfort food.

The Cookbook for Weird Pregnancy Cravings

If toothpaste Oreos don't sound amazing to you, maybe you're not pregnant. Eating for Two, the pregnancy cravings cookbook, is an online collection of recipes for the strangest real cravings women have had while they're pregnant. From weird combinations of foods (steak with ice cream) to things that are straight-up inedible (burnt matches), Eating for Two re-created, taste-tested and wrote actual recipes for moms' weirdest hankerings.

Beauty Products You Should Never Use When Pregnant—and Super-Safe Options

While skin care can be confusing for anyone, pregnancy raises a whole new host of questions: Should you switch to organic products?