That Viral Photo of Justin Bieber Eating a Burrito Sideways Is Totally Fake

This Halloween Brussels Sprouts Prank Is Horribly Hilarious

Putting the "trick" back in "trick or treat."

It Is Now Illegal for a Florida Man to Call for Pizza Delivery

Looks like Maya Normusbutt and Ima Weiner won’t be getting pizzas any time soon.

Serial pizza delivery pranker, Randy Riddle (you can't make this up), has officially been banned from making obscene or harassing calls to Florida pizza establishments.


You Need to Watch Seth Rogen Scare the Crap Out of Grocery Store Shoppers

Thinking about buying a cantaloupe, sausage stick or loaf of bread? You may want to think again.

In a clever prank to promote the release of the very weird, very R-rated Sausage Party, Seth Rogen used remote-controlled, animatronic foods to scare the hell out of unsuspecting supermarket shoppers. The result: screams, laughs and some good old-fashioned revenge.

Our Favorite April Fools' Day Pranks About Food

Sometime in the past decade or so April Fools' Day went from being a day for boring people to have fun to a day for boring multinational corporations to have fun. Google usually leads the way, though their 2016 prank has been deemed such an utter failure that they pulled the plug on it. But that doesn't mean these focus group-tested attempts at levity aren't funny. This year has seen a few food-themed shenanigans that we think are worth noting. Our favorite? CornHub.

'Sexy Potato' and More Fake Costumes That Made It Into a Real Costume Store

With the dawn of Sexy Pizza Rat, we've likely reached peak sexy costume ridiculousness. That said, truth isn't always stranger than fiction, as one comedian proves. Los Angeles–based Jeff Wysaski is behind Obvious Plant, a brilliantly funny blog and prank-producing brand that posts signs, brochures and other phony notices on telephone poles, in stores and in the back of taxis.

7 of the Best Food Pranks in April Fools' Day History

We have less than 24 hours until April Fools' Day begins, at which point you will not be able to trust a single thing you see on the Internet for an entire day (which is nominally different than a regular day). While much attention is now given to absurd viral news, pranking on April 1 is a tradtion that goes back centuries, sometimes on a massive scale, and many of the best have revolved food. To get ready for a Facebook feed full of ridiculous, imaginary things to eat and drink, here are some of the best food pranks in history.

Edison’s Food Machine (1878)

Finally We Can Send Unpackaged Potatoes in the Mail for Just $10

Just in time for April Fools' Day.