Pappy Van Winkle

Pappy Van Winkle Season Is Nearly Upon Us

For bourbon fans with a love of hard-to-find bottles and a bit of extra scratch to spare, the annual race to get a bottle of whiskey from the Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery is official on… kind of.

Pope Francis Calls Pappy Van Winkle ‘Very Good Bourbon’

Turns out being the Pope has some serious, very earthly, benefits. In the case of Pope Francis, he recently scored some pretty choice whiskey. Or as His Holiness called it, “very good bourbon.”

There’s No Nice Way to Say This: $26,000 Worth of Pappy Van Winkle Is Almost Certainly About to Be Destroyed

Getting your hands on a prized bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon can be a difficult and costly affair. So of course it seems like a waste to simply destroy bottles of the coveted spirit. But unfortunately, officials in Kentucky might have no other choice.

Good News, Bourbon Lovers: You Can Get Pappy Van Winkle at the Airport

Looking to score a coveted taste of the legendary bourbon Pappy Van Winkle? Just book yourself a flight into, out of or laying over at New York City’s JFK. Yup, you can find 23-year-old Pappy at the airport bar. Just be prepared to pay up.

Police Finally Caught the Terrible People Behind the Great Kentucky Whiskey Heist

Justice will finally be served in one of the biggest whiskey thefts of all time. After an investigation that took nearly a year and a half, nine people have been indicted for stealing almost $100,000 worth of bourbon from Kentucky distilleries, including 65 cases of Pappy Van Winkle 20-Year, one of the world’s rarest and most expensive.

Bar Makes Pappy Van Winkle Jell-O Shots Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

Any real bourbon fan has almost certainly tried to get their hands on a bottle of the elusive Pappy Van Winkle. High demand coupled with low production creates an annual frenzy (and prices that can top $1000 online). One Kentucky bar, however, decided to thumb their nose at the madness and serve up part of their allotment exclusively as Jell-O shots.

Andy Milonakis Wants Fantastic Bourbon, the Butteriest Part of a Tuna and a Lot of Greek Food After a Show

Andy's sushi game is stronger than that of anyone I've ever met, and he is intensely proud of his Greek heritage. Here are 5 things he'd want to find in his dressing room after a gig.