How to Make Unicorn Fuel

Los Angeles-based Paleo chef Mary Shenouda has worked with thought-leaders and chefs including award-winning restaurateur Michael Mina, bodyhacker and best-selling author Tim Ferriss, and Superman's Brandon Roth.

Actual Paleo Diet Probably Included Its Fair Share of Cannibalism

The Paleo diet fad may be slowly going the way of many of the species from the era its named after (actually, technically, it’s going much more quickly than that), but Paleo diet fanatics looking to hold on to their ancient dieting proclivity may want to consider adding a new meat into their meals: human flesh.

The Original Paleolithic Diet Probably Included Oat Flour

Much has been made about the trendy “paleo diet,” which purports to favor foods eaten by humans during the Paleolithic Era. But new research is showing that we might not know as much about the diets of our Paleolithic ancestors as we once thought.

6 Tips for a Paleo-Friendly Christmas

Christmas is a holiday often associated with foods like decadent cookies, sugary candy canes and rich fudge. Unfortunately, many holiday treasures are not Paleo-friendly, since the diet eschews grains, legumes, refined sugars and processed foods.

At first blush, the Paleo diet appears overly limited, but with a little legwork it can be anything but. Whether you or a loved one follow the diet, here are some tips for navigating the holidays from a Paleo perspective.

How to Make the Ultimate Paleo-Friendly Valentine's Day Menu

Depending on your proclivities, eating like a caveman on Valentine's Day may sound like a steamy test run for your own 50 Shades prequel or a recipe for a last date. But going Paleo mostly means opting for whole foods like meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Even if you can't resist the spare pink cupcake or red velvet doughnut hole this weekend, it's not too difficult to put together a romantic menu free from grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugars and processed cooking oils. Plus, steak is sexy. Here, a Paleo-friendly Valentine's Day menu.

6 Tips for Preparing a Paleo Thanksgiving

Since the lifestyle has grown from a fringe movement to the most Googled diet of 2013, chances are you might be sharing a Thanksgiving table with a Paleo enthusiast this year.