Oreo to Release Two New Flavors Because Everything Isn’t an Oreo Flavor Yet

Another day, another cookie.

Second Month of 2016 Brings Second New Oreo Flavor: Filled Cupcake

After going on a torrid tear of new flavor releases over the last couple of years, the crazy folks at Oreo are showing no signs of slowing down in 2016. In fact, quite the opposite: Not only has the brand already announced two all-new flavors so far, but yesterday they also unveiled a giant Oreo door in New York City as an official preview pop-up for their new flavor.

Oreos Met Churros and You Know You Want to Try One

Oreo has claimed the mantle of "America's Favorite Cookie" (at least their packaging has).

S’mores Oreos Are Coming This Friday, and They’re Supposedly Pretty Good

Back in February, we reported that S’mores Oreos were a real forthcoming product—the latest in Oreo’s ever-expanding line of cookie flavors and limited-edition runs. Now we have a release date: this Friday, May 22. Like you weren’t amped for Memorial Day weekend already!

Learn to Make Alcoholic Oreos in a Minute

If you love Oreos but find yourself lamenting the lack of alcohol in the creamy filling, here’s a DIY project you might be interested in.

YouTuber Turns Oreos Into Mascara in DIY Tutorial Video

Generally, when we think of food as beauty products, it’s an avocado face mask or something normal people might do. But that’s because we’re obviously not outside-the-box thinkers like Youtuber Katharine Ward, who turned her leftover Oreos into mascara.

Ward is a self-proclaimed “16-year-old beauty guru” whose xxMakeUpIsCoolxx YouTube channel has amassed a solid 300,000-plus subscribers by dishing out “DIY, fashion, makeup and even cooking videos.”

Oreo Churros Are the Latest Crazy Food Mashup

Churros – that delicious staple of any Disneyland diet – might not seem like a food ripe for innovation, but soon you might see an Oreo twist on the classic Spanish dessert.