Oreo Is Giving Away Free Candy Bars for National Oreo Day, and That's Not All

Back when Oreos first went on the market on March 6, 1912 – 106 years ago tomorrow – there were two flavors: Original and lemon meringue. Over the last century, however, Oreo has expanded its repertoire to include everything from Hot Cocoa to Kettle Corn.

An ‘Oreo Cookie Club Subscription’ Is Available on Amazon

If you’re an Oreo fan, this news may be more exciting than twisting open an Oreo cookie and dunking the creamy half in milk. Amazon has recently added a new “OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box, OREO of the Month Gift.” That’s exactly what it sounds like: a special Oreo gift box sent directly to your door on a monthly basis.

Oreo Just Announced 3 New Fan-Created Flavors

The revelation of Oreo's new mystery flavor last week (which, as a few expert tasters successfully guessed, turned out to be Fruity Pebbles) was only the beginning, as Oreo has just announced a deluge of new Oreo flavors coming very, very soon.

Rocky Road, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, and Pistachio Oreos Could Be on the Way

Oreo is in the business of making chocolate lovers’ dreams come true, it seems. Two potential new flavors might be on their way, one based on a classic ice cream option and the other on a decadent pastry.

Oreo Just Revealed Its ‘Mystery Flavor’

It’s not unusual for Oreo cookies to come in odd flavors anymore. Some days it seems like we’ve seen it all, from waffles and syrup to cookie butter to hot cocoa.

Hot Cocoa Oreos Are the Perfect Complement to Oreo Hot Cocoa

A trend we’ve been seeing on grocery store shelves for years is well-established brands releasing their signature product in as many different varieties as possible in an effort to generate constant buzz.

Would You Eat Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreos?

We wouldn't necessarily want the job of Oreo's flavor developer. After all, what odd flavor hasn't the brand rolled out? Let's count 'em: Fireworks Oreos. Mud Pie Oreos.

Oreo Beer Is Real

It's aged on cookies.

8 Exceptional Holiday Treats to Make with a Package of Oreos

What's better than a package of milk’s favorite cookies? Well, a package of milk’s favorite cookies transformed into your favorite holiday treats—that’s what.

We May Be Getting Peeps-Flavored Oreos Just in Time for Easter

"Candy corn and Swedish fish have gotten the Oreo treatment, so why not throw another polarizing candy flavor into the mix?" - Food scientists at Nabisco, probably.

According to @junkfoodguy Eric Huang, an unnamed source has confirmed that Peeps-flavored Oreos will be on shelves by March 2017. And frankly, there's nothing you can do about it.