Dark Chocolate Oreos Will Arrive in 2019

2018 is rapidly coming to a close. And in a year where Oreo once again released more iterations of its signature sandwich cookie than we ever thought possible, it would only be fitting for us to go out with news of one final new Oreo flavor, right? Wrong. It would only be fitting for us to go out with news of four final new Oreo flavors!

This Hands-Free Oreo Dispenser Is Even More Incredible Than It Sounds

Already this holiday season we’ve seen a couple fun, officially-approved Oreo devices: an Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set and the Oreo Music Box mini record player. At the same time, the brand has continued to announce new iterations of its cookies at the usual clip.

Are Oreo Cookies and Ritz Crackers About to Get More Expensive?

Yesterday, Mondelez International — the Deerfield, Illinois-based food giant behind a large swath of U.S. brands like Chips Ahoy, Oreo, Ritz, Triscuits, and Trident — announced plans to increase prices in 2019 during the company’s quarterly earnings call. And though investors seemed appeased by the plan to increase margins, consumers will almost certainly be paying more for many of these products next year.

Oreo Confirms ‘Most Stuf’ Cookie Coming Next Year

Most intrepid young children know the joy realizing that once you’ve twisted a couple of Oreo cookies apart, you can shove the two creme-covered sides together to create one monster double-stuffed Oreo. Despite having no historical evidence to back up this claim, that’s likely how the idea of the Double Stuf Oreo came to light.

Hydrox-Oreo Rivalry Heats Up with FTC Complaint

When it comes to well-known brand rivalries, Oreo versus Hydrox is up there with Coke v. Pepsi and McDonald’s v. Burger King.

Oreo Is Launching Six New Flavors, And You’re Gonna Freak When You See Them

Dunkable, chocolate-y Oreos are a classic. Everyone knows them, and everyone loves them. The iconic brand has been expanding its repertoire lately with specialty flavors—some of them pretty outside the box. When Oreo Thins launched, the world collectively gasped, as Double Stuffed have always been a universal favorite. And now, the news that's rocking the cookie world is that Oreo is launching six (yes, six!) unexpected new flavors. We have the inside scoop.

Oreo's New Cookie Looks Like Our Favorite State Fair Treat

One of the best parts of going to a state fair is obviously the food— especially the deep-fried variety. The only downside is that it’s hard to have those kinds of treats at home (you know, since most of us don’t own an industrial-sized deep fryer). But now, Oreo may have actually found a way to solve that problem… where its cookies are concerned, at least.

Krispy Kreme Turned Your Favorite Cookies Into Doughnuts

Some days you get a craving for a cookie. Some days you get a craving for a doughnut. And on some really trying days, you might get a craving for both. It happens to the best of us.

Oreo Announces Switch to Sustainable Cocoa

Anytime you tear open a bag of Oreos—regardless of which of the brand’s never-ending varieties you choose—you know you’re about to partake in a guilty pleasure. But though you might still feel guilty about your dietary choices, Oreo wants to help you feel a little less guilty about where the cocoa used to make those cookies came from.

Every Oreo Flavor We Could Get Our Hands on, Taste-Tested and Ranked