Now Is Your Chance to Drink Like Marty McFly

From hoverboards to a Cubs win in the World Series (hey, it could maybe, possibly happen this year!), the 1989 sequel Back to the Future Part II inspired a generation to dream about what the year 2015 might hold. Now that we’ve actually reached that year the flick was set in, a few companies have been scrambling to bring the products it predicted to real life.

6 Old-School Soda Brands That Have Made a Comeback in 2015

Think you’d never see your favorite childhood soda again? Not so. Companies like Coca-Cola have their fingers crossed that adult-you is just like childhood-you, but with more disposable income to fight off slumping soft drink sales.

This year, we’ve seen a slew of soda brands return from the grave—some with long legacies and some who were just a flash in the pan. Here are six of 2015’s beverage comebacks we found particularly noteworthy...

Welcome to Throwback Thursdays

Like most children of the later decades of the 20th century we are (totally reasonably) obsessed with the later decades of the 20th century. That’s why we’re launching a throwback series.

Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back Because Everyone Really Loves the ‘90s

Break out the Discmen and load up the VHS's for a Family Matters marathon, because the ‘90s just refuse to leave us alone. It seems that everyone’s favorite clear cola from everyone’s favorite nostalgia-inducing decade will be quenching thirsts once again. Crystal Pepsi is coming back—at least if Pepsi’s cryptic messages about the once-failed soda are to be believed.

The Definitive Ranking of Annie's Mac and Cheese Shapes From Your Childhood

If you grew up with parents who fancied themselves parents too food-conscious for Kraft Dinner, but at the same time just wanted to throw some powder into noodles and call it a meal, then you are intimately familiar with Annie's mac and cheese. You smile at the sight of the "push tail to open" bunny-butt push tab. You feel genuinely reassured by the rabbit of approval. And you know that whatever they put in that cheddar powder, it contained serious addictive properties.

8-Bit Wine Labels for Nintendo Lovers

Hands up: Who still has the locations of the "Super Mario" warp zones committed to memory? We know it isn’t just us. For fans of a simpler time in video game history—a time with only two buttons to push—our friends at Vinepair have come out with a series of 8-bit wine labels. We might not have been of legal drinking age when we knocked out Mike Tyson for the first time, but we can still appreciate his pixelated visage on a bottle of Zinfandel.

The 8 Childhood Snacks You Probably Still Crave

We took a walk down memory lane to revisit some of our favorite snacks from childhood with 8 beautiful pictures.

Cooking Segments Like This Are Just One Reason to Bring Back Reading Rainbow

If, like us, you were a child between the years of 1983 and 2006, you got to watch LeVar Burton teach you about reading and being an upstanding human being on Reading Rainbow.