Non-Alcoholic Beer

Is 2019 the Year of Non-Alcoholic Beer?

If you’ve been following beer news for the first four days of the year, you wouldn’t be faulted for wondering if 2019 is the year that beer goes alcohol-free. The Italian brand Peroni (now owned by Asahi) announced its first ever foray into non-alcoholic beer with Peroni Libera 0.0% in the United Kingdom.

New Non-Alcoholic Porter Could Be the Answer Non-Alcoholic Beer Has Been Waiting for

There’s no reason to beat around the bush: Most alcoholic beers don’t taste good. The reasons are simple: To make a beer non-alcoholic, fermentation is often changed and/or alcohol has to be removed, and both these processes will change the flavor of your brew.

Has Dry-Hopping Saved Non-Alcoholic Beer? An Expert Weighs In

Over the past couple decades, craft beer has undergone a creative renaissance. But its ugly cousin, non-alcoholic beer, refused to keep pace. Even though NA beer is actually growing in popularity—its sales are up 80 percent from five years ago—it's rare that anyone tries to revolutionize brewing techniques or flavors. Occasionally, though, someone will come along and say they have achieved the impossible: a NA beer that actually resembles beer.

Michigan Is Buzzing Over Non-Alcoholic Pop-Up ‘Dry Bar’

A new pop-up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is trying to make non-alcoholic drinks worth drinking by serving spiritless cocktails and other alcohol-free beverages while maintaining a bar-like vibe.

Scientists Have Invented a Way to Make Non-Alcoholic Beer Taste Less Lousy

In our canonical ranking of beverages, non-alcoholic beer appears somewhere between expired milk and nacho-flavored Pepsi. There are two big problems: It doesn't taste very good and it contains no alcohol.