Millennials Don't Like Sending Their Food Back at Restaurants

A lot of restaurants have a bone to pick with millennials.

Millennials Don't Have the Time or Patience to Eat Breakfast Cereal

Long gone are the days of a heaping bowl of cereal on Saturday mornings in your pajamas in front of cartoons. The breakfast staple was fast and delicious, but the breakfast food’s popularity has decreased dramatically in the last decade—and not just owing to changes in diets.

Millennials Are Costing America's Big Food Brands a Ton of Money

Millennials eat differently than the generation that became before them, and those changing tastes are wreaking havoc on America’s established food brands.

According to Fortune’s Beth Kowitt, the US’s top 25 food and beverage brands have lost $18 billion in market share thanks to millennials shifting habits. She opened with the statistic while speaking as part of a panel discussion on “The Food Revolution” at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women summit.