Mexico City



How Chefs and Mixologists Find Inspiration at Mexico City’s Witchcraft Market

A little more than a mile away from Mexico City’s historical district sits the Mercado de la Merced, the city's largest farmers' market.

This Breathtaking Mexico City Restaurant Is a History Lover's Dream

Café de Tacuba is a portal. Step off the busy street of Calle Tacuba in Mexico City’s historic district, where the storefronts are tightly packed and car exhaust colors business awnings. Walk through the restaurant's window-stained double doors and prepare to enter Mexico's colonial past.

Why Mangonada Is the Best Summer Snack, Period

Bright orange, swirled with red, and topped with mango chunks, the mangonada is a summertime staple in Mexican communities.

Where to Shop in Mexico City: The Best Places to Buy Food and Drink Souvenirs in CDMX

It’s hard to go a long block in Mexico City without being greeted with the steam from a tamale cart, the sizzle of a cheese hitting the griddle for a quesadilla, and the soft sound of expert hands patting out of fresh masa into tortillas. Sadly, if you’re looking for how to bring the best flavors of the city home with you, there’s no good way to pack a midnight torta in your suitcase.

Crispy Worms and Lots of Pozole: Chef Josh Walker’s Guide to Mexico City

Mexico City is still the culinary mecca among chefs these days, and the Tu team made their pilgrimage just before opening their Charleston restaurant.

Catcus Salad and Lots of Mezcal: Camille Becerra’s Guide to Mexico City

Check any chef’s Instagram feed, and you’re seeing the same destination pop up again and again.

Mexico City is so rich in traditions, techniques and ingredients, and I think it’s pulling a lot of food people from all over the world right now,” says Camille Becerra, the stylish chef behind De Maria in New York City.

Mexico City Has a World Class Japanese Food Scene

Mexico City continues to rebuild following the earthquake in September. You can donate to relief efforts through organizations like Topos Mexico, Fondo Unido (part of the United Way) or Global Giving, which, as of this writing has raised nearly $2 million to help the aid and rebuilding efforts.


Where to Save and Splurge in Mexico City’s Luxe Polanco Neighborhood

While much of Mexico City teems with life, bustling markets and food vendors on every corner, Polanco is a different sort of place — where the Tesla dealership abuts the Apple Store, staring down the Ferragamo and Hermés. “Upscale” is too modest a word. It’s essentially the Rodeo Drive of the Distrito Federal, and a bit of trek from trendy La Condesa or lively Juárez. It’s gorgeous (if sedate), especially in the spring, where bright purple jacarandas arch overhead.

The Best Mexico City Date Spots

Picking the perfect restaurant can make or break a date. It can help establish that first impression and sway the mood in a favorable direction. Here, seven restaurants in Mexico City where the ambiance is just as warm and lovely as the food.


Where to Shop in Mexico City

When it comes to a city as big and sprawling as Mexico City, it’s even more important to shop small and local. Below, seven independently-owned boutiques that stock everything you need to look and feel better.