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Catch Up on All the James Beard-Nominated Mad Genius Tips Videos

We're so excited to announce that our very own Mad Genius Tips video series just scored a James Beard Award nomination for Video Webcast. Hosted by F&W's Test Kitchen ninja, Justin Chapple, the series showcases supercool cooking hacks, tips and tricks. To celebrate the nomination, here are five of our favorite episodes, which will teach you how to ripen bananas in a flash, poach a dozen eggs at once and more.

How to Hack Your Meal Kit

As F&W’s resident Mad Genius, I improvise and hack kitchen equipment with abandon to make everyday cooking easier and more fun. So when I got my hands on a Marley Spoon meal kit, I decided to take all those ingredient packets and see if I could come up with my own way to use them.

How to Master Carrots for the Holidays

In order for carrots to cook evenly, they need to be cut evenly. In this video, F&W Test Kitchen genius Justin Chapple reveals a simple trick that makes it easy to cut carrots into equally-sized pieces.

How to Make Instant Christmas Ice Cream

Watch the video above to learn how to make almost-instant ice cream with frozen bananas from F&W Test Kitchen’s Justin Chapple. Then, Christmas-ify the quick and delicious dessert with these mix-in ideas.


Spicy, crunchy ginger snap crumbles is terrific in the easy ice cream.


This Trick for Reheating Turkey Will Make You Yearn for Thanksgiving Leftovers

You are going to want to double your gravy recipe this Thanksgiving. Southern Living's trick for reheating sliced turkey is so simple and yet so totally genius that we're considering a test run this weekend. Watch and be amazed.

Watch as This Thanksgiving Turkey Bastes Itself

If you are in charge of the turkey this Thanksgiving, you’re probably waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with visions of a dry, flavorless bird haunting your dreams. Lucky for you, F&W Test Kitchen’s whiz and Thanksgiving tipster Justin Chapple has a secret weapon to ensure success. In this episode of Mad Genius Tips, he reveals how to keep your turkey super-juicy with a buttery cheesecloth basting blanket. All you need is cheesecloth, seasoned butter and patience.

The Secret Tool for Perfect Pancakes

Love pancakes but hate the mess making them creates? Your breakfast BFF (a.k.a. F&W’s Justin Chapple) has an easy solution. Watch this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips to find out how to use a turkey baster to make easy pancakes in fun shapes.

For more great cooking tricks and tips, watch all of F&W’s Mad Genius Tips videos.

How to Make 30-Second Cheese Crisps in the Microwave

The next time you have a leftover rind of Parmesan cheese, don’t throw it out. Take a tip from chef Richard Blais and use it to make crispy, crunchy, crazy-easy cheese crisps. In this episode of Mad Genius Tips, watch F&W’s Justin Chapple demonstrate Blais’s 30-second, microwavable recipe.

For more great cooking tricks and tips, watch all of F&W’s Mad Genius Tips videos.

How to Make Stuffed Banana S'mores Like Gail Simmons

F&W’s Gail Simmons knows how to cap off a cookout: with a hot, melty dessert made fresh on the still-smoldering grill. Her favorite? Stuffed banana s’mores. Chocolaty and gooey, they’re so good that summer just isn’t long enough to enjoy them. Luckily, F&W Test Kitchen’s Justin Chapple figured out a way to make them in the oven so you can eat them all year-round. In this week’s episode of Mad Genius Tips, find out how to make Simmons’s deliciously nostalgic dessert at home.

How Laurent Tourondel Makes the Sexiest Onion Ever

In celebration of the opening of Laurent Tourondel's newest NYC restaurant L'Amico—opening September 10th, adjacent to the Eventi Hotel—a group of Food & Wine editors were invited to a tasting of the new menu.