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Make Your Own Vegan Mayonnaise With This Mad Genius Tip

Before educating yourself with the latest Mad Genius Tip, make sure to you make some time to check out this week's premiere of Mad Genius Tips Live. But don't worry & Wine culinary director still had time for a quick tip this week as well, which should especially appeal to the vegans out there.

Make the Perfect Bag for Your Edible Gifts With This 'Mad Genius Tip'

You don't need industrial equipment to serve make professional quality packaging for your homemade treats, as Food & Wine culinary director Justin Chapple demonstrates in the latest Mad Genius Tips. In fact, you can give your edible gifts the same glorious feeling of unsealing a fresh bag that you get from store-bought delights, using just a few things you most likely already have lying around the home.

Making Puff Pastry Donuts Is Easy With This Mad Genius Tip

Since first sweeping the world a few years ago, the croissant/donut fusion of the cronut has gone on to become a regular part of fancy bakeries’ dessert rotation. But what about in kitchens at home?

Slow Cook the Ultimate Mashed Potatoes With 'Mad Genius Tips'

Mashed potato-lovers will be giving thanks for the latest Mad Genius Tips, in which Food & Wine Culinary Director Justin Chapple shares a simple yet delicious way to make the perennial Thanksgiving fave. "I bet you didn’t realize," he begins, "that the slow cooker is the ultimate tool for achieving mashed potato greatness." Or that those ultimate results aren't just tasty, but "extremely easy" to pull off.

Making Golden Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls is Easy With This Mad Genius Tip

"There is no better way to up your ice cream game than to serve them in edible chocolate bowls," begins Food & Wine culinary director Justin Chapple in the latest Mad Genius Tips, before letting you in on a little-known fact about those bowls: "it's way easier than you think."

Learn To Make Chocolate Designs With Mad Genius Tips

"If you’ve ever wondered how pastry chefs write and draw so beautifully on pastries, " says Food & Wine Culinary Director Justin Chapple, "you're gonna love this Mad Genius Tip," before walking you through how to do just that. Fancy as they are, it turns out that elaborate chocolate designs actually just require a bit of parchment paper, a knife or scissors, and some melted chocolate.

The Best New Way to Make Meatloaf [Video]

“What if I told you you’d been making meatloaf wrong every single time?” This is the question posed by Deputy Test Kitchen Editor Justin Chapple in the latest edition of Mad Genius Tips. We know, no one likes to be told they’re doing something wrong, but the mistake you’ve likely been making probably didn’t occur to you because it’s so basic: You’ve been making your meatloaf using the same standard rectangular pan your mom and your grandma taught you to make it with. Justin’s suggestion?

How to Keep Your Pork Chops From Curling

Deputy Test Kitchen Editor Justin Chapple’s biggest pet peeve with pork chops is likely your biggest pet peeve too: They curl up in the pan. That, in turn prevents even cooking and browning. No one wants to serve a curled, unevenly cooked piece of meat to dinner guests. Fortunately there is an easy fix to ensure that your chops never curl again. And in this week’s edition of Mad Genius Tips, Justin is letting you in on the secret.

Eat Your Ice Cream Straight Out of a Cookie Bowl and Ditch the Spoon [Video]

Biscuit bowls are all well and good, but for those of you with a real sweet tooth, we have something even better: chocolate chip cookie bowls. And Deputy Test Kitchen Editor Justin Chapple has an easy hack for those of you need your cookie fix and need it quickly.

Try This Super Easy Dessert Hack With Store-Bought Biscuit Dough [Video]

Justin Chapple, Food & Wine Deputy Test Kitchen Editor and a fountain of Mad Genius Tips, is here to improve your strawberry shortcake. When you go into the grocery store they always sell premade shortcakes along with the strawberries. “I love the combination," Justin says, "but I do have an issue with it. Those cakes are never big enough.”