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3 Drinks to Make with Amaro Montenegro, The Most Lovable Amaro of Them All

We are unabashed amaro fans—from bitter Fernet to dark, earthy Cynar to lively Nonino, we’ve never met an Italian bitter liqueur we haven’t loved.

Make Cappelletti Your Go-To Spring Aperitif with These 3 Cocktails

The Aperol Spritz may be the unofficial cocktail of spring, but we like our red Italian liqueurs a little more…esoteric. This time of year, we’re pulling out the Cappelletti

3 Super Spring-y Drinks to Make with Fragoli

This time of year, we’re ready for spritzes under the sun, tall drinks out in the garden and ripe red berries in our cocktails. Trouble is, in many parts of the country, great strawberries don’t arrive until June or later. The solution? A well-made strawberry liqueur. (We’re using a bottle from Fragoli, with tiny wild-picked strawberries right in the bottle.)

3 Spicy Drinks to Make with Patrón XO Café Incendio

Five years ago, spicy cocktails were a novelty. Today, they’re all but ubiquitous. (Just ask a mixologist how many requests they get for spicy margaritas.) Plenty of spicy drinks rely on straight-up chilies; others, the popular Ancho Reyes chile liqueur. And for something a bit different, here’s a contribution from Patrón: XO Café Incendio.

3 Drinks to Make with Licor 43, Spain’s Favorite Liqueur

Sometimes, we come across an obscure liqueur little-known outside a single village in France or Italy. But other times, we find ourselves drawn to an ingredient that already has a devoted following. Though little-known in the States, Licor 43 is the most popular liqueur in its native Spain—and also quite prominent in Mexico and other Latin American nations.

Now Is the Time to Drink Byrhh

Once in a while, we develop something of a crush on a cocktail ingredient we just can’t get out of our minds. And this spring, that’s Byrhh.

3 Delightfully Raspberry-ish Chambord Drinks for Spring

Thanks to the neon-green appletinis of the ‘90s, fruit liqueurs have gotten a bad wrap. But at their best, these liqueurs are made with care and finesse, carrying through a complex and vivid fruit flavor in every bottle. Such is the case with Chambord, the widely-loved and widely-used French raspberry liqueur.

3 Festive Jameson Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

This time of year, folks tend to pull out the bright green Midori or, worse, green food coloring to tint their drinks the hue of emerald. A humble request: Please don’t! On St. Patrick’s Day, appreciate a frosty pint of Guinness or a dram of Irish whiskey on its own merits. Or try one of these three whiskey drinks, with the ever-reliable Jameson, for your St. Paddy’s pleasure.

Escape to Barbados With These Three Rum Drinks

Notwithstanding unseasonably warm weather across much of the country, by late February, odds are we’re all dreaming of a getaway. So today, we’re bringing you a trip to the tropics, with three Barbados-inspired rum drinks. Pick up a bottle of the island’s favorite rum, Mount Gay — we’re using Mount Gay Black Barrel, aged in heavily charred former bourbon casks for a richer, deeper character — and give these three cocktails a try.

Zucca Is Our New Goldilocks Amaro

The world of amari — herbal Italian liqueurs — ranges from light, sweet Aperol to earthy, bitter Cynar and hair-raisingly-bitter, almost medicinal Fernet Branca. They all have their place in the cocktail world. But what if you’re after something that’s not too bitter, and not too sweet; not insubstantial, but not too heavy; herbal, but not abrasive? That’s when we bring in Zucca.