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The Easy Way to Give Your Cocktails a Tart Dose of Passionfruit

Fresh fruits are delicious in cocktails. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to work with—especially when there are peels, pulp, or seeds involved. Passionfruit? It’s got all three. The flavor of the vibrant, acidic fruit is ideal in cocktails, but the fruit itself is, to be honest, a bit of a pain.

Celebrate Tequila Day with These 3 Reposado Cocktails

If you’ve shot tequila at some point in your life, chances are it was blanco tequila — a clear spirit that never sees the inside of a barrel. And blanco can be good stuff, but we’re also huge fans of reposado tequila. “Reposado” translates to “rested.” It’s the middle of the road between blanco and long-aged añejo—aged in oak barrels for between two and twelve months.

3 Summery Drinks to Make with Banana Liqueur

There are some fruits that are delicious in their natural form, but not so much as a “flavor.” Banana-flavored anything tends to be a little, well, gross. At least we thought so, until we came upon Banane du Brésil, from our all-time favorite fruit liqueur producer, Giffard.

Apple Brandy Will Give Your Summer Cocktails a Fresh Fruity Kick

This summer, we’re rediscovering one of the native spirits of the USA: Apple brandy. Distilled from apples, then aged in barrels, it’s similar in weight and sweetness to a bourbon, but with an unmistakable orchard flavor. (Blend that apple brandy with neutral grain spirits, and you’ve got applejack. Both are worth seeking out.)

How Ginger Juice Can Punch Up Your Summer Cocktails

When it comes to cocktails, we’re all about intense flavors — and it doesn’t get much more intense than ginger. Ginger beer and ginger ale have their place in the drinking world. But when you really want to dial up the flavor, nothing’s better than a pure shot of ginger juice.

The Easy, Delicious Way to Make Pineapple Drinks This Summer

We’re calling it: This is our summer of fruit liqueurs. And before you say it, we know, “liqueur? Ew.” The word “liqueur” has long had a bad rap, thanks to the sticky-sweet cocktail syrups in garish colors that had their heyday two decade back. But they don’t have to be over-sweetened or synthetically flavored. In fact, the best ones manage to capture a powerful, genuine flavor, often fruity or floral, and preserve that flavor in a slightly boozy bottle.

Sherry Cobblers: The Ultimate Summertime Cocktails

Dave Wondrich, the most respected cocktail authority on the planet, once called the sherry cobbler “the air conditioning of the 19th-century” — and we’ve never forgotten it. In its simplest form, the cobbler is nothing but sherry, sugar, a little fruit, and tons of ice. Since sherry is so low-proof, just a little boozier than wine, it’s possible to drink these ice-cold drinks all day. And in an era long before frozen strawberry daiquiris, drinkers of the era knew just as well as we did that fruit + booze + crushed ice is as refreshing as it gets.

The Best Cocktails to Make With Elderflower Liqueur

St-Germain is far and away the most popular elderflower liqueur; odds are you’ve had a St-Germain and Champagne at some point in your brunch-going life. But recently, we’ve fallen hard for Giffard’s Wild Elderflower liqueur, or Fleur de Sureau Sauvage

How to Make an Insanely Refreshing Hibiscus Mojito

The best part about summer afternoons—you don’t need an excuse to start drinking early. But when cocktail hour kicks off at 3:00 p.m. (or earlier; we won’t tell!), it can be easy to rush headlong into Drunktown long before you intend to. 

Get Summer Started Already with Coconut Liqueur

Whether summer has arrived in your neck of the woods or it’s still dragging its lazy feet (we write, staring mournfully out the window at an unending downpour), we are ready to start drinking like it’s summer. With enough warm-weather drinks, perhaps we can all will summer into existence! So we’re starting with a little inspiration from the tropics, in the guise of Clément’s Mahina Coco, a Martinique-made coconut liqueur.