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3 Rum Cocktails That Will Warm Your Winter-Scorned Heart

The calendar may say it’s spring, but in much of the country, it feels like anything but. So to help you get over your winter blues, we’ve gone in search of hearty, warming cocktails. And this year, we’ve settled on dark rum. While you might think of rum as the stuff of mojitos and daiquiris, a great aged rum is much more substantial, with caramel-vanilla notes that take very well to winter flavors.

3 Forgotten Grand Marnier Classics

Even if you’ve never tried a sip of Grand Marnier, odds are, you recognize its bottle as a staple of bars big and small or from the liquor cabinets of half your relatives. But don’t discount this elegant Cognac-based orange liqueur in cocktails, either.

This Honey Liqueur from the Yucatan Is Our New Favorite Party Trick

One great thing about cocktails: No matter how deeply you dive into the world of spirits and liqueurs, there is always another bottle to discover. One of our recent favorites? D’Aristi Xtabentún — a honey and anise liqueur from the Yucatan.

Last-Minute Cocktails to Add Sparkle to Your Valentine’s Day

Whether or not you buy into Valentine’s Day as a worthy holiday, there’s no reason not to shake up a few cocktails, right? A well-made drink can’t help but contribute to the romance. And when we’re looking to get festive, we always, always turn to bubbles. Here are five sparkling drinks guaranteed to enhance the Valentine’s mood.

Obsessed with Amaro? This Sicilian Liqueur Is Your New Best Friend

If you’re a cocktail fan who loves amari — the Italian bitter herbal liqueurs — life is endlessly interesting: There’s always another bottle to try. And one of our recent favorites just landed in the states for the first time. Produced in Sicily since 1901, Amaro dell’Etna is only now crossing the Atlantic.

Shelve the Baileys and Seek Out This South African Cream Liqueur

Sometimes, you want your cocktails to pack a powerful, boozy punch. Other times? Something comforting and even a little sweet is just what you’re after. (Particularly this time of year.) Cream liqueurs are ideal for rich, dessert-delicious cocktails, and there’s a new one in our arsenal: Amarula.

Why Spiced Rum Is Great for Winter

Rum may be a spirit with tropical connotations — pineapple and coconut and big slushy cocktails — but we happen to think the warm, rich spirit works just as well in the winter. Especially a good spiced rum. And while there are certainly less-than-stellar spiced rums on the market, we’re big fans of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum (named for a mythological sea creature).

Why Crazy-Easy Rosemary Syrup Should Be in Your Cocktail Arsenal

These days, craft cocktail menus are full of custom ingredients—these homemade bitters, that “house infusion.” But while some of these additions are best left to the professionals, homemade cocktail syrups are often incredibly simple. Here’s how to make rosemary syrup: Pour some hot water over a bunch of rosemary. Let steep. Stir in sugar. Strain, and you’re done.

The Best New Bitter Liqueur for Campari Fans

Known by only true cocktail fans or Italophiles a decade ago, Campari has become a household name—the bitter, bright-red liqueur winning fans across the country. But iconic though it is, Campari is hardly the only such liqueur out there.

3 Ruby Port Cocktail Recipes for Every Level of Port Connoisseur

There are tons of misconceptions about port: that it’s expensive, that it’s too sweet, that it’s only enjoyed by elderly folks after dinner. But even if it hasn’t been fully embraced by the craft cocktail crowd—at least, not yet—port plays an essential part in historical drinking culture.