Liquor Cabinet Roulette

This Marionberry Liqueur Deserves a Spot on Your Bar Cart

If you’re outside the Pacific Northwest, you may never have tried the marionberry — a juicy, flavorful berry beloved in Oregon, a cross between two blackberry varietals. (The Olallie and Chehalem, for those of you familiar with berry genealogy).

This Spiced Pear Liqueur We're Obsessed with Is Actually Great All Year Round

We often use fruit liqueurs and spirits that correspond with the season: Berry liqueur in summer, apple brandy in the fall.

This New Spicy Whiskey Makes Amazing Cocktails

When you think of spicy whiskey, the mind leaps to Fireball. And major brands like Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam have released cinnamon whiskey brands of their own. But George Dickel Tabasco Barrel Finish (we call it “Hot Dickel” for short) is its own thing entirely.

Bartenders Are Obsessed with This Cult Favorite Gin

As gins go, Monkey 47 is a bit of an outlier. Bartenders often reach for a classic London Dry, or a local American brand; this German-made gin is neither. Gins are distilled with flavor-rich botanicals, which generally number 12 or fewer; Monkey 47 uses an incredible, wait for it, forty-seven.

The Best Juleps for Your Derby Party

Derby Day! Whether you know all the thoroughbreds by name or whether you’ve never watched a race in your life, the Kentucky Derby is an excellent excuse for a party — and a julep, or few.

Artichoke Liqueur Is One of Our Favorite Recent Discoveries

Artichoke… in cocktails? Sounds odd, tastes delicious. Any fan of Cynar — a classic Italian amaro — knows that artichoke can be an awfully compelling element of a liqueur.

Like Moscow Mules? This Ginger Liqueur Is for You

There are any number of ways to get ginger flavor into your cocktails, whether you reach for the ginger beer, run some ginger through a juicer, or muddle ginger root right in the shaker. But the easiest way? Just pick up a bottle of ginger liqueur.

3 Delicious Cocktails to Make with Amontillado Sherry

If there’s one true secret-weapon ingredient in our cocktail arsenal, it would be sherry. Well, sherries. To say “sherry” is misleading, because these fortified wines are crazy diverse — fino sherries are lighter and drier than even the driest white wine; Pedro Ximinez are rich, boozier, sweeter.

'Tis the Season for Cherry Blossom-Inspired Cocktails

Right now, it’s sakura season in Japan, the height of the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. — and, whether or not your own landscape is awash in a sea of pink, it’s the perfect season for bitter cherry cocktails.

Get Ready for Spring With Rose Liqueur Cocktails

In the world of cocktails, you’ve got bitter drinks and sweeter ones, fruity drinks and herbal ones. Slightly less common are floral cocktails — but those who love these aromatic drinks, tend to love them with devotion.