Liquor Cabinet Roulette

Why Sparkling Rosé Belongs in Your Cocktails

We don’t need to tell you that sparkling wine is amazing in cocktails. Even a small splash of bubbles can brighten up a drink, enlivening its flavors and making it feel an awful lot more festive. We rarely see sparkling rosé called for in cocktails; but why not give it a try?

Summer’s Not Over. Neither Is Lillet Season

Let’s hold onto these last days of summer drinking. Bring on the light, refreshing cocktails—drinks that are simple to make and easy to enjoy. For all of the above, Lillet Blanc is a no-brainer.

How to Use Pimm's, Beyond the Pimm's Cup

In these dog days of summer, the Pimm’s Cup is a lifesafer. Simple enough to make without breaking a sweat, low-proof enough to drink your way through the afternoon. We’re huge fans of the classic Cup, whether the original, two-ingredient drink or a souped-up, boozed-up version.

Fall in Love With Green Chile Vodka

As a rule, flavored vodkas aren’t really our thing. (What’s better than blueberry-flavored vodka? Real blueberries and vodka. You get the idea.) But once in awhile we come across a product that proves all our preconceptions wrong. Such is the case with the Green Chile Vodka, made by St. George Spirits in northern California.

White Port Cocktails That Are as Refreshing as They Are Complex

Port, in the summer? If you’re thinking of port as dark, rich, and more suited to colder seasons, you’re thinking of ruby and tawny ports, the styles more familiar to most drinkers. White port, on the other hand, is a different beast. It’s juicy, light-bodied with a balanced sweetness.

Apricot in Summer Cocktails? Don’t Mind If We Do

In summer especially, we’re all about fruit cocktails. Contrary to popular belief, fruit cocktails don’t have to be sweet or unsophisticated. Chefs and pastry chefs alike embrace fruit in all its forms; why should the term “fruity drink” be disparaging?

Six Frozen Drinks for Your Fourth of July

The cocktail world is in the midst of a full-on frozen drink renaissance. Once upon a time, slushy cocktails were looked down upon, with some justification; the frozen daiquiris and margs of years past were often made from corn syrup-filled mixes and bottom-shelf spirits.

The Easiest Way to Get Turmeric in Your Cocktails

Turmeric: It’s officially A Thing. Turmeric lattes are as popular as matcha; turmeric cocktails are popping up at bars across the country. And while there’s nothing wrong with using the root itself, we’ve found a much easier way to incorporate the flavor in drinks: Turmeric cordial.

Newsflash: Bourbon Makes Really Great Summer Cocktails

I’m all about lighter spirits like gin and tequila during the summer — but just because the weather’s warmer doesn’t mean you need to stash away the bourbon. When properly mixed, the whiskey can be a great foundation for summer cocktails.

It’s Finally Dark & Stormy Season, So Break Out the Goslings

On a hot summer evening, the Dark & Stormy is as crave-able as it gets. Spicy ginger beer spiked with dark rum, with a little squeeze of lime to cut those strong flavors; there’s a reason it’s such a classic.