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Who Needs Flowers When You Can Have Floral Cocktails?

We won’t claim that these cocktails are aphrodisiacs. They’re not dosed with chocolate. They’re not even bright pink. But we’ve recently fallen in love with an American-made floral liqueur that’s an absolute delight in cocktails—and if Valentine’s Day isn’t the time for flowers, when is?

Make the Most of Blood Orange Season With These 3 Cocktails

The dead of winter might not be prime time for berries or peaches, or any number of fruits we love to make fresh cocktails. But thankfully, it’s citrus season—a beacon of tart, juicy hope in the darkness of February. And while citrus plays a vital role in cocktails all the year round, this time of year we’re awfully enamored with blood oranges.

Why Aquavit Belongs in Your Winter Cocktails

We love a good, stiff bourbon or brandy cocktail during the winter. But when you've had your fill of toddies and Manhattans, why not branch out a bit? This January, we’ve been loving aquavit in cocktails—specifically, a New Hampshire-made version dubbed Skiklubben Aquavit.

The Rich, Orangey Amer Your Winter Cocktails Deserve

If you’ve ventured into the cocktail world, odds are you’re familiar with the bitter Italian liqueurs called amari. But less familiar still, even to well-versed mixologists, are the French versions known as amer. They’re worth seeking out, especially as one of our very favorites—Bigallet China-China Amer—is ideal for complex, satisfying winter cocktails.

This Gorgeous Liqueur Captures the Pure Taste of Fennel

Alcohol and anise are a time-honored combination. Sambuca, ouzo, arak, pastis—these, and dozens more, carry the sharp and oh-so-distinctive taste of anise. (It’s a taste that can be an acquired one.)

Pour and Go: The Perfect, Infinitely Adaptable New Year’s Eve Drink 

Speaking as professional cocktail writers: Even we don’t want to make a complicated cocktail on New Year’s Eve. We want a crowd-pleaser, a drink that’s friendly, likable, and above all, simple. Not dumbed-down, mind you. But straightforward and not too challenging to anyone’s palate. We’re in a celebratory mood, after all. And this holiday season, we’re sharing our secret weapon party drink with you:”The Duck Race.”

Why Sfumato Deserves a Place on Your Bar Cart

“Sfumato Rabarbaro Amaro”: It’s a mouthful. But the translation — “smoky rhubarb amaro” — tells you exactly what’s inside. Whereas some amari (bitter Italian liqueurs) are light and dynamic, or aggressively bitter, Sfumato follows its own path: rich and smoky, with a woodsy, earthy quality, but with a bright, juicy character that keeps it lively and extremely drinkable.

Pink Gin Cocktails to Help You Forget It's Winter Outside

It’s indisputable at this point: Pink drinks sell. Rosé has morphed from a wine trend to a full-on lifestyle brand. We’ve seen pink tequila, pink tonic, pink liqueurs. And the newest entry to the market? Beefeater Pink. At 37.5 percent ABV, considerably lower than Beefeater’s standard 47 percent, it’s a strawberry-flavored spirit with a good dose of that fruit alongside the classic juniper and supporting botanicals.

3 Cinnamon Cordial Cocktails to Spice Up Your Holidays

Some ingredients, while ubiquitous in cooking or baking, can be tricky to manage in cocktails. And cinnamon is one of them. Ground spices tend to end up gritty and unappealing when introduced to liquid. So while plenty of mixologists will make a cinnamon syrup or cinnamon-infused spirit, reaching for the spice rack isn’t the best option—and cinnamon isn’t the easiest flavor to incorporate into a drink.

3 Delicious Ways to Spike Your Apple Cider

We’ve never encountered a hot apple cider—spiked or not—that didn’t smell incredible. But often, especially if cooked too long, ciders can be far too sweet and cloying. It’s pleasant to cradle a mug in your hands, but too sugary to really enjoy drinking. The solution? Less time on the stove, less sugar added, and, since this is a cocktail column here, a judicious pour of spirit.