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3 Holiday Punches to Keep Your Guests Happy This Season

December is the season of holiday parties, and nothing classes a party up like a killer punch. Since no one wants to spend their own event shaking up cocktails, a punch will let you do all the work in advance, and give you a dramatic centerpiece to boot.

3 Killer Cocktails to Show Off Bénédictine

We’re yet to be disappointed by a story that begins, “This liquor has been made by monks for centuries….” — so Bénédictine (as in Benedictine monks) has obvious appeal.

3 Dead-Simple Thanksgiving Day Drinks

Ah, Thanksgiving, the holiday that upends all our daily rituals: The weekend starts on Thursday, dinner is at 3pm, and day drinking is wholly sanctioned. But Thanksgiving is not an occasion for overly ornate cocktails. Whether you’re toiling away over pumpkin pie or kicking back on the couch watching football with Uncle Ted, the last thing you want is a complicated drink.

More than a Spritz: 3 Cold Weather Aperol Cocktails

With its gentle orange, bittersweet flavor and brilliant color, Aperol is a no-brainer for bright summer drinks (And we’ve made quite a few ourselves). After all, its the aperitif is best known as part of a bubbly, low-alcohol spritz, and it’s easy to pair with citrus and vodka and gin.

3 Pamplemousse Cocktails: As Fun to Say As They Are to Make

Trust us, you want a pamplemousse cocktail—even if you have no idea what pamplemousse means. It happens to be the French word for “grapefruit,” and in the cocktail world, refers to grapefruit liqueur. Since orange liqueur is a mixology staple, used in everything from margaritas to Sidecars and beyond, why shouldn’t grapefruit liqueur be just as versatile?

Get Classy with These Courvoisier Cocktails

When you imagine yourself drinking classy cognac like Courvoisier, odds are, you imagine sipping it neat (and ideally somewhere suitably fancy). But cognac has a long history in cocktails. In fact, until the mid-19th century, it was the cocktail spirit of choice (for those who could afford it).

Don’t Be Afraid of Kahlua Cocktails

So un-hip, so outdated—Kahlúa has been all but abandoned by the craft cocktail set these days. But it stars in a whole roster of classic cocktails, and when used right, the rum-coffee liqueur is quite tasty, as long as you keep its sweetness in check. Here are three throwback Kahlúa cocktails—made the right way.

Easy: Mind Eraser

Yes, You Can Make Peach Schnapps Into Awesome Cocktails

As liqueurs go, peach schnapps doesn't have the best reputation. It smells like peach candies, simultaneously crazy-sweet and way harsher than such a low-proof drink has any right to be—it's hardly a mixologist's product of choice.

A Trip to Cuba in 3 Cocktails

Ah, the mystique of Cuban rum. The fact that Cuban products have long been contraband in the United States makes the country’s rum (and cigars) even more appealing.

And as we're just back from Havana, we can tell you this: It's possible to drink very well in Cuba. While the higher-end, longer-aged rums are best sipped neat, many drinks that Americans know and love like the mojito and the daiquiri, originated on the island.

THROWBACK: The Revival of the 'Tini

Back in the day, there was an oh-so-unfortunate trend of calling virtually every cocktail a martini—or, even worse, simply a ‘tini. Martini? Yep, that's a cocktail. But Appletinis and saketinis? There is not a wimpier name for a drink on the planet. And too many of these cocktails were heavy on the flavored vodkas and gross, sugary fruit liqueurs. We're happy to relegate them to the dustbins of history.