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Get Your Inner Icelander On With Brennivin

All over Scandinavia, the drink of choice is aquavit — a clear spirit generally flavored with herbs and spices. In Iceland? Everywhere you go, you’ll see Brennivin. A potent grain spirit flavored with lots and lots of caraway. It’s a little unfamiliar at first but awesomely drinkable once you get into it. A little savory, without the toe-curling powerful herbal hit of some other aquavit.

3 Classic New Orleans Cocktails For Your Mardi Gras Enjoyment

The fine folks of New Orleans don’t really need an excuse to throw a party. But when Mardi Gras rolls around, watch out.

In honor of Mardi Gras, let’s introduce you to three classic cocktails from one of the greatest drinking cities on earth — from the incredibly classy to the easy-drinking.

Ciao, Averna: 3 Great Cocktails With This Italian Liqueur

Maybe you like Campari, but only if it comes in a Negroni; maybe you’ve tried Cynar but it’s just too bitter. So let us introduce one of the most friendly liqueurs we know: Averna.

3 Delicious Ways To Drink Dark Rum This Winter

If you’re thinking of rum drinks right now, odds are you’re envisioning something tall and fruity and refreshing — a cocktail to pair with your winter escape to the Caribbean. But dark, aged rums can be perfect for cold weather. Rich and complex like a good whiskey, they’re ideally suited to strong winter sippers.

Grab one of our favorite reasonably priced bottles — Mount Gay Black Barrel is a great bet — and get mixing, whether you’re up for a rummy hot toddy or a stiff Old Fashioned, rum-style.

Gin Cocktails that Will Keep You Warm All Winter

When do you reach for the bottle of gin? Odds are, when you need a G&T after a sweltering day, or when you’re shaking up a refreshing drink with spring and summer fruit.

But even though gin, like its fellow clear spirits, is an obvious (and intelligent!) choice for warm weather, it can shine in winter drinks, too. Here are three of our favorite gin cocktails ideal for colder days and nights.

It’s National Hot Toddy Day, So Get Toddied With Us

While we’re not generally fans of those national food holidays (National Welsh Rarebit Day? National Cream-Filled Chocolate Day? Hard pass, thanks very much), we’ll accept today, January 11, as National Hot Toddy Day. It’s winter; it’s Monday; and we should all get toddied more often.

3 Low-Proof Cocktails To Keep You Virtuous This January

Your resolutions may or may not have included “Drink less.” (Hell, your resolution could be to drink more—no judgement.)

But odds are, everyone could all use a break from rich eggnog, sugary holiday party punches, and Champagne by the bottle. Without going all health-nut on you, January is a sensible enough time for cocktails with a little less cream, sugar, and high proof liquor.

3 Festive Sparkling Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

Sparkling wine is awesome. Sparkling wine cocktails are even better. And festive times call for festive measures.

Since it’s New Year’s and all, it’s probably worth taking a step up from your everyday $7 Prosecco. For an alternative that’s more sophisticated but won’t break your bank like Champagne, we’re fans of Chandon’s California-made Blanc de Noirs, seen here all decked out in its holiday best. Grab yourself a bottle (or few) and dress it up with these three simple cocktails.

Walnut Liqueur Will make Your Winter Cocktails Much More Special

When it comes to winter liqueurs, if they drink it in the Alps, that’s good enough for us. So today, we’re diving into the delicious, snow-day-friendly world of walnut liqueurs — specifically, our favorite, Nux Alpina from Austria.

What Is Cardamaro and Why Should You Drink It Right Now?

You could be forgiven for thinking that Cardamaro was a cardamom amaro. (Confession… we’re the experts here, and we thought so until quite recently.) I mean, if you were naming Italian liqueurs, that’s what Cardamaro would mean, right?