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The Ingredient You Need for Coconut Cocktails That Don’t Taste Like Sunscreen

There aren’t many spirits we refuse to drink. But coconut-flavored rums? Won’t touch ‘em. We’ve just never found one that doesn’t remind us of sunscreen, carrying that super-fake “coconut” scent.

Say Hello To Strega, Your New Italian Best Friend

Let us take the time to thank the Italians, who have bestowed upon the world an infinite number of different pasta shapes, hundreds of different wine grapes, and — a particular blessing for the cocktail-lovers amongst us — a never-ending roster of herbal liqueurs.


Hit the Alps With Herbal Génépy Liqueur

One of the joys of the cocktail world is that there are always new ingredients to discover. And “new” doesn’t always mean newly created — rather, spirits or liqueurs with their own long histories, that American bartenders have only recently embraced.

What to Do with Kümmel, The Funky Caraway Liqueur

On the “easy to love” scale, some liqueurs are like St-Germain — whether or not it’s your favorite, it’s hard to really dislike the pleasingly fragrant elderflower liqueur, at least when it’s used judiciously.

And then there’s kümmel. Dating back to 16th-century Holland, the clear liqueur is flavored with caraway seed, cumin, and fennel, making it taste a bit like liquid rye bread, with anise flavors and other spices lingering around the edges. It’s smooth but intensely savory. Cocktail geeks love it. First-timers…well, it depends.

How to Use Peach Liqueur the Right Way

Few ingredients in the booze world have gotten as bad a rap as fruit liqueurs. So often they’re sickly sweet, lacking any genuine flavor. Although it’s that sweetness that endears the very cheapest versions to first-time drinkers, which often leads to questionable college decisions.

Meet Atholl Brose, Your New Favorite Spring Liqueur

What makes a great liqueur? To us, it must play well with other spirits, while still contributing a ton of character and flavor on its own. Such is the case with Atholl Brose, our new favorite ingredient for spring cocktails.

Get Your Aperitif On With These Cocchi Americano Cocktails

You might have seen it on cocktail menus, or seen it on liquor store shelves — Cocchi Americano is a bartender obsession. But what is it, and what does it taste like?

Mulberry Gin Is Just the Thing For Your Almost-Springtime Drinking

Is it spring yet? It’s not quite the season for Pimm’s Cups—we’ll wait until May for those. But now that it’s March, we’re shifting out of straight-whiskey mode. Our new spirit of choice for cocktail experimentation? This lovely mulberry gin.

Expand Your Amaro Horizons With Amaro Lucano

In case our, oh, half-dozen columns on Campari and Cynar and Averna and more haven’t tipped you off, we’re huge fans of amari.

3 Essential Margarita Recipes for National Margarita Day

No one really needs an excuse to drink a margarita—just the fact that it’s a Monday is a good enough excuse for us. But today is National Margarita Day, and we don’t want to disrespect such an important holiday. So let’s talk margaritas.

If you’re used to filling blenders with bottled mix and cheap tequila, let us help you help yourselves. Good margaritas are so simple — decent tequila, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and something to sweeten — that there’s no excuse for using anything else.