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3 Punches For Your July 4th Drinking Pleasure

Hurrah, a summer holiday weekend — who’s making the punch? There’s no better way to entertain than by having a huge bowl at the ready. We think of punch as just a giant cocktail. All the same principles apply — you need a balance of sweet, sour, and boozy, ingredients should be top-notch — but the beauty is, you make a bowl once and you’ve got enough for everyone. Here are three of our favorites.

“French 1776”

Like Pisco? You'll Love Singani

When it comes to their national spirit, Peru and Chile have a rivalry that stretches back as long as the history of the two countries. Who first made pisco? Who can truly lay claim to it? The matter may never be settled. But their neighbor Bolivia has sidestepped the thorny issue entirely with their own creation: Singani.

Like Root Beer? You’ll Love Ramazzotti

For every day of the week (well, really, for every day of the year) there is a different Italian herbal liqueur. And since we’ve hit a lot of the big ones already, it’s time for a deep cut.

Like Aperol? You’ll Love Aperitivo Select

In Italy, Aperol is a beloved bottle — the bright red, bittersweet amaro that’s the star of its namesake Aperol Spritz. But every region of the country has its own preferred aperitivo. In Venice? That’s Aperitivo Select.

While it shares the low proof and mellow sweetness of Aperol, Select is quite a bit more complex, with pleasant notes of vanilla and a nice bitter edge. Pick up a bottle and use it anywhere you’d use Aperol — and in these three cocktails.

Easy: Select Spritz


3 Awesome Ways to Change Up Your Negroni

Three cheers for Negroni Week, a whole summer week devoted to a single, fabulous cocktail. The trio of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth is in the cocktail hall of fame — it’s sweet and bitter, refreshing and punchy. But it’s also easy to riff on endlessly. Why not add sparkling wine? Beer? Why not slush-ify the whole thing? In honor of Negroni Week, here are three of our favorite summer spins.

Easy: Negroni Sbagliato

Boozy and Bitter: 3 Delicious Summer Cocktails with Cynar 70

Bartenders tend to be “go big or go home” types. If you’ve ever seen a bar crew slam back shots of super-bitter Fernet, you’ll know what we mean. And bitter liqueurs have never been more popular in the bartender world. So it was only a matter of time before some traditional brands have decided to turn up the dial.

Class Up Your Warm Weather Cocktails with Some Raspberry Chambord

Some cocktail ingredients seem so classic, it’s hard to believe they haven’t been around for centuries. Such is the case with Chambord — the venerable raspberry liqueur that first came to market little more than three decades ago in 1982. It’s allegedly fashioned after a liqueur made in the Loire Valley in the late 1600s and to whatever extent that’s true, it’s a pleasure to use in cocktails. Made from red and black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla and XO cognac, it’s as easy-drinking as they come: sweet, low-proof, and velvety-smooth.

Why Aged Cachaça Is The New Hot Spirit

Until recently, Brazil’s national spirit, cachaça, was known primarily for one thing—the margarita-like caipirinha, with just ice, sugar, and lime. The problem with such a simple drink is that, frankly, plenty of cachaças, are terrible—unbelievably harsh or sickly sweet—and with little to cover them up, you can really tell.

Solbeso: The Pro Way to Add Some Chocolate to Your Cocktails

We often come across bottles we’ve never seen before, new gins or brandies or liqueurs. But it’s very rare that we come across an entirely new kind of liquor.

3 Non-Margarita Tequila Drinks For Your Cinco Drinking Pleasure

Don't get us wrong, we’re fans of margaritas, especially when they’re made properly. But tequila is an extremely versatile spirit — you can make boozy, stirred tequila drinks; bright, fruity tequila day-drinks; and so much more. In celebrating Cinco de Mayo, let’s check out three great tequila drinks beyond the margarita.