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Get Your Alpine On With Amaro Braulio

It's like someone distilled the mountains into one delicious cocktail ingredient.

The Best Ways to Booze Up Your LaCroix

How did a sparkling water from the Midwest suddenly burst onto the scene as the drink of the summer? We’ll leave that to the experts. Our own expertise lies in cocktails, so we’ve spent Labor Day Weekend figuring out how to booze up LaCroix for you. (You’re welcome.)

Grab the Bubbles For These Labor Day Punches

It’s hard to believe, but Labor Day is nearly upon us — one last chance for a boozy brunch party or all-day grill-out. (At least, one that’s sanctioned by the calendar.) For whatever your exploits this coming weekend, we recommend you grab a bottle of bubbles, start work on one of these three fine cocktails in advance — and then just top ‘em off with bubbly at the last minute.

Pull Out Jamaican Rum for These 3 Great Drinks

We’ve sipped excellent rum from many countries — Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, even the good old US of A. But Jamaican rum is its own beast. And if you want to get started, the widely available Appleton Estate rums are a great introduction. The oldest Jamaican distillery in continuous operation, their rums have a gentle but noticeable fruity funk to them, with aromas of vanilla and spice, such that they’re complex by themselves, and tons of fun to make into cocktails. Give these three a try before summer is out.

Easy: Jamaican Highball

You Need to Be Using Mahia from Morocco In Your Cocktails

Nothing gets us excited quite like playing around with a spirit we’ve never encountered. And so today we’re happy to introduce you to Mahia — the Moroccan-inspired fig spirit you never knew you needed.

Medal-Worthy Caipirinha Recipes

If you haven’t been downing caipirinhas while watching all the gymnastics, swimming and trap shooting you can handle during the Rio Olympics, it’s time to start.

Stupid-Easy Beach Drinks For Your Summer Drinking Pleasure

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you don’t want overly fancy cocktails — you just want something tasty that comes together in a few seconds. So we present you these stupid-easy beach drinks (or rooftop party drinks, or poolside drinks; whatever suits).

All of these require just pouring a few ingredients together. No shaking, no juicing, no syrup-making, minimal measuring. Just combine everything, stick it in your cooler to chill, and you’re good to go. Easy enough to serve at the beach. (We know because we tried it.)

Mint-Bourbon Lemonade

Batavia Arrack, the Colonial Bottle Coming Back Into Style

When you think of spirits that date back centuries — your gins, your whiskeys — odds are “Batavia Arrack” is not a name that pops into your head. But this Indonesian spirit, made on the island of Java, distilled from sugarcane and fermented red rice, was all the rage in the colonial era.

Skip Rosé and Drink Lillet Rose This Summer Instead

It’s well-established that summer means rosé. But the warm weather is also ideal for an aperitif — a super refreshing, low-proof drink before dinner — and Lillet Rose is our new summer favorite.

Move Over, Scotch: 3 Killer Cocktails With Japanese Whisky Nikka Coffey Malt

When it comes to top-of-the-line whisky, Scotland has long been the dominant player. But increasingly, aficionados are making room on their top shelf for Japanese whisky as well. For one, it’s a direct descendant of Scotch. Masataka Taketsuru, the father of the Japanese whisky industry, apprenticed at several Scotch distilleries in the 1920s before moving back to Japan, helping to establish the distillery at what would become Suntory, and then founding his own — Nikka.