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3 Cider Cocktails As the Winter Chill Sets In

Hot cider is an eternal fall staple, delicious whether you spice it up with cinnamon and clove, or spike it up with bourbon or rye. We probably don’t need to tell you how to booze up a mug of cider. (If we do — an ounce of whiskey, brandy, or rum for every four ounces of cider. An ounce and a half if you’re feeling frisky.)

Want something a little more interesting? Here are three awesome cocktails to make with seasonal apple cider, from a cider sparkler to a toddy to a cider sour.

Easy: Cider Sparkler

For Thanksgiving, Get Your Applejack On

Easy cocktails to make with America's original spirit.

Cream Liqueur Is Making A Comeback

You should pick up this bottle right now.

You Have to Start Making Drinks With This High-Proof and Crazy-Drinkable Rum

An average spirit is around 40 percent alcohol, or 80 proof. Some whiskeys, particularly “cask-strength” bottles right from the barrel, get up to 50 percent or higher. Formidable navy-strength gin: 57 percent.

Get Bitter With Luxardo Bitter Bianco

A new bitter bottle to add to your bar.

Pick Up This Bottle To Ginger Up Your Cocktails the Easy Way

Ask any bartender and he’ll tell you: People love ginger in their cocktails. But ginger can be tricky. It’s an intense flavor that can easily overwhelm other ingredients. And while most mixologists use fresh ginger juice in their drinks, it’s a total pain to make — logical to prep ahead of time in a bar setting, but are you really gonna pull out the juicer for half an ounce?

Why Blanc Vermouth Belongs In Your Cocktail Arsenal

Most cocktail fans are aware of just two styles of vermouth: the dry white, generally made in France, and the sweet red, more closely associated with Italy.

But these two styles don’t encompass all the great vermouth styles on the market today, including blanc vermouth — which is pale in hue, but sweeter, bigger, and more floral than dry vermouth.

Chamomile Cocktails For Tea Lovers

Is anything as comforting as chamomile? A little grassy, a little floral, instantly familiar — we love a steaming mug of chamomile tea, but for mixology purposes, we really love chamomile liqueur.

We’re using a version made by Cointreau, best known for their namesake orange liqueur, but you can find others on the market. The Cointreau version tastes vividly of chamomile; it’s pleasantly sweet, moderately boozy, and gets along with all sorts of spirits. Here are our three favorite ways to mix it.

Break Out The Cherry Liqueur For These Fall Cocktails

This time of year, when summer produce is behind us but we’re still not quite ready to give up on bright, fruit-accented cocktails, it’s time to break out the fruit liqueurs. And right now, we’re huge fans of Luxardo’s cherry liqueur known as Cherry "Sangue Morlacco.”

Ancho Reyes Verde: A New Favorite Bottle For Fans Of Spicy Cocktails

In the last year or two, mixologists have fallen hard for Ancho Reyes (and so have we) — a spicy, smoky and sweet chile liqueur that adds depth and a complex spice to cocktails. So it’s welcome news that Ancho Reyes has a new bottle in town: Ancho Reyes Verde.