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Supercharge Your Mint Cocktails With Brancamenta

Bartenders and cocktail lovers have long been fans of the hyper-bitter, medicinal-tasting Fernet Branca. But still less recognized is its cousin Brancamenta. It’s got Fernet’s intense bitter kick, but an even stronger mint flavor that manages to dominate — we’re talking mouthwash levels of minty-powerful. It’s an intense elixir that’s certainly polarizing, but those who love Brancamenta tend to really love Brancamenta. Our recommendation?

Meet SomruS, The Indian Liqueur You Didn’t Know You Loved

If we’re honest, we didn’t know the world needed an Indian-inspired cream liqueur. But now that we’ve tasted it, we’re dedicated fans. Imagine a liqueur in the model of Bailey’s, but better: pleasantly creamy and just gently sweet, rather than cloying and gloppy. Then add a flavor bouquet of cardamom, rose, almond, pistachio, and saffron. If you made an Indian-inspired ice cream, melted it down, and added rum, that’s basically what SomruS would taste like. In a word: delicious.

Meletti, The Perfect Winter Amaro

We’ve introduced you to plenty of amari, the bitter Italian liqueurs, in the course of this column. But Meletti Amaro is different from some of the super-light or super-bitter bottles out there. It’s rich and caramel-y, almost chocolate-y, without being cloying in the least; it has a fascinating array of flavors, from saffron to anise, resulting in a balanced, complex liqueur.

Get Your Bitter Cocktails On With Salers

More and more cocktail fans are gravitating toward the bitter — the popularity of Campari, Cynar, and the like have exploded over the last few years. But gentian liqueurs operate on a whole different level. They’re made from the gentian root, which is just about as bitter as it gets. But use them right and they’re perfect in cocktails.

Find Some Sweet Potato Liqueur For Killer Winter Cocktails

The smell of sweet potatoes always makes us think of winter — so when you’re looking for winter cocktails, a sweet potato liqueur would fit right in. Provided you can find one.

If You Like Campari You'll Love Contratto Bitter

These days, many cocktail lovers have tried Aperol and Campari. But there’s a whole world of other bitter, red Italian liqueurs out there. Our newest aperitivo crush? Contratto Bitter.

Campari fans will appreciate its complex array of botanicals; Aperol fans will like that it’s less aggressively bitter. And anyone who loves good drinks will appreciate that it’s rich and weighty, made from a grape brandy base. Just add soda and you’ve already got a complex drink, but try it in one of these three cocktails for maximum effect.

3 Bubbly Cocktails to Make Your New Year Sparkle

It’s almost New Year’s, and you know what that means — bubbles. Lots of bubbles. And while we have nothing against unadulterated sparkling wine, sparkling cocktails are even more fun. Here we’ve devised three simple cocktails to dress up your bubbly. (Need more inspiration? Check out our ideas from last year and the year before.)

Pucker Up With These 3 Cranberry Cocktails

The best holiday cocktails are not only festive — they’re easy. (Who wants to spend a holiday party mixing the drinks rather than, well, drinking them?) This time of year, we’re cluing you in to one of our secret cocktail weapons — cranberry juice. Not Ocean Spray Cran-whatever; real, 100 percent cranberry juice, so tart it makes your face squish up if you drink it straight. (The only listed ingredients should be cranberries and water. No sugar or other fruit juices, please.)

Get Your Christmas Cocktails On With Zirbenz Pine Liqueur

So you’ve picked out your Christmas tree, untangled the damn lights, and tossed a few ornaments on the thing — you deserve a cocktail. And since we’re in the spirit, let’s pull out our favorite Yuletide liqueur: Zirbenz. That’s be “Zirbenz, Stone Pine Liqueur of the Alps.”

3 Great Holiday Cocktails With Irish Whiskey

As spirits go, Irish whiskey is amongst the most likable. Not as smoky as Scotch or spicy as rye, it has tons of character but drinks easily — awfully smooth going down. And happens to be great in cocktails. We’re using Jameson Black Barrel here, the distillery’s premium, robust bottling — but regular old Jameson will work well too, and it has the advantage of being available absolutely everywhere. So no matter where you are this holiday season, you can pick up a bottle.