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3 Bright Cocktail Recipes That Prove Bourbon Can Be Summery

This Italian Lemon-Mint Soda Is Our New Go-To Mixer

Fresh, vibrant flavors like citrus and mint are exactly what we look for in summer cocktails. And let’s be honest: In the summer, no one wants to work too hard. So we’re always looking for an excellent mixer.

This Aloe Liqueur Is Our New Cocktail Secret Weapon

We live in an era of the liqueur.

3 Simple Takes on the Michelada to Try This Summer

It’s indisputable that beer cocktails are having a moment. But even as we appreciate the more creative beer-topped libations out there, let’s take a step back to honor the true O.G. of beer cocktails—the Michelada.

3 Simple Sparkling Cocktail Recipes for Your Poolside Drinking Pleasure

This Crisp Cocktail Shochu Goes Down as Easy as Vodka—and Is Easier to Mix With

Even true cocktail geeks may not have made the acquaintance of shochu. And that’s understandable; while wildly popular in its native Japan, even more so than sake, the spirit has yet to really establish itself in the States.

The Gin That (Almost) Drinks Like a Whiskey

In general, whiskey and gin occupy very different spaces in the cocktail world. Gin: Unaged, clear, herbaceous. Whiskey: Dark and more robust.

Make Boozy Drinks, or Booze-Free Ones, with This Pineapple-Szechuan Pepper Cordial

There are some flavor combinations that sound awfully enticing on a cocktail menu, but seem more than a little impractical for a home bartender. Cocktails with pineapple and Szechuan peppercorn? Sign us up—as long as we’re not muddling the peppercorns or juicing the fruit for a casual Thursday night drink.

This Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur Belongs in Your Cocktails

You can’t make a classic espresso martini or a White Russian without coffee liqueur. But as a group, coffee liqueurs haven’t really been embraced by the mixology set.

We’re All About Cocktails with This California-Made Sloe Gin

Northern California’s Sonoma County is, of course, best-known as wine country. But in recent years, it’s seen a real craft spirits scene emerge, too. And while quintessentially British sloe gin wouldn’t seem like the most likely candidate for a young California distillery, Spirit Works Distillery’s Sloe Gin is exceptional.