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The Easy Way to Make Dazzling, Color-Changing Cocktails

Your first experience with a cocktail is looking at it. Whether you’re at home or in a cocktail bar, there’s nothing like a vivid, colorful drink to catch your eye. Over the last few years, blue drinks have been all over cocktail menus thanks to tasty blue Curaçao that’s a huge upgrade from earlier versions.

3 Refreshing Cocktail Recipes with Bottled Cucumber Tonic

Walk into any modern cocktail bar and you’ve got a good chance of seeing a drink with cucumber on the menu. And for good reason. Light and vegetal, totally distinctive, cucumber is an ideal companion to numerous spirits.

Like Savory Drinks? Grab This Celery Root Liqueur

When you hear the word “liqueur,” you’re likely to think of something fruity, or perhaps a little floral: either way, flavors on the sweeter end of the spectrum. But as with everything in the cocktail world, there are exceptions. And the Celery Root Herbal Liqueur from Chicago-based producer Apologue is one of the most interesting liqueurs we’ve come across in ages.

Expand Your Gin Horizons with These 3 Wild Cocktails

Not Cider, Not Applejack: It’s Pommeau, Your New Favorite Summer Aperitif

We’ve long sung the virtues of applejack as a summer spirit. But we’ve discovered something lighter, a little lower-proof, and just as flavorful that we’ll be using in cocktails for months to come—Pommeau.

3 Bright Cocktail Recipes That Prove Bourbon Can Be Summery

This Italian Lemon-Mint Soda Is Our New Go-To Mixer

This Aloe Liqueur Is Our New Cocktail Secret Weapon

We live in an era of the liqueur.

3 Simple Takes on the Michelada to Try This Summer

It’s indisputable that beer cocktails are having a moment. But even as we appreciate the more creative beer-topped libations out there, let’s take a step back to honor the true O.G. of beer cocktails—the Michelada.

3 Simple Sparkling Cocktail Recipes for Your Poolside Drinking Pleasure